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  • We now offer packages online with super discounts and tickets priced so cheap we cant sell them them without a package! All of our packages are customizable but here are some of the most popular packages:

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    Disney World Checklist! A must use printable list before leaving on your vacation or before visiting a Disney Theme Park!

    How to save money for your Disney vacation, tips and ideas for saving money to spend on your next Disney vacation!

    The new 123 Disney World Guide ... a work in progress! 3 simple guides to help prepare for your Walt Disney World Vacation.

    Disney Travel Tip of the Day

    Our Agetns have special lines

    Booking with an Explore The Magic travel agent by calling 888-WDW-CHEAP will not only save you money and time but our agents have access to special telephone numbers that are used by a very few select group of agencies that give our agents better access to reservations and discounts by avoiding jammed public lines when special offers come out. Book today and we will watch for a better deal and even take care of all of the planning!

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