Owners Lockers, personal storage in Orlando delivered to your hotel or home! | Disney World

  • A clever, cost effective and convenient new vacation storage service called Owner’s Locker is now available to frequent visitors to the Orlando area. www.ownerslocker.com.

    Owner’s Locker provides its Members with a purple Locker to store personal items between visits.  The Locker is picked up when the Member departs; is stored in a climate controlled warehouse and is waiting at the bell stand when the Member checks back in.

    With Owner’s Locker, your vacation is about to become a LOT more convenient: less packing, less hassle, less stress and less hauling means more time to relax and enjoy your vacation.

    Owner’s Locker is an innovative web-based service currently available in the Orlando attractions area.  Members sign up on the Owner’s Locker website (www.ownerslocker.com), choose a Locker and a storage/delivery plan and use the site to schedule their visits and create and edit a confidential online inventory of the items in their Lockers.

    Lockers are tracked using a custom designed, barcode-based warehouse management system and Members can monitor the movements of their Lockers in real time on their personal “dashboard” in the My Account section of the site.

    Owner’s Locker is the creation of a seasoned corporate traveler, John Van Meter.  “I have spent so much time on the road in my career, I have always looked for ways to feel more at home no matter where I am.  I  particularly like having the comforts of home around me while I am on vacation.”  John has been joined at Owner’s Locker by Brian Whitt, who sold him a vacation club interest in the early 1990’s.  With a passion for logistics, Brian is pleased to be a part of a service that makes vacations more relaxing and convenient. “Our Members find that being able to vacation less one or two pieces of luggage makes traveling to Orlando much easier and less stressful.”

    Members pay a one-time Membership Fee of $75.00 which includes their purple Locker, the initial delivery to their resort and its pickup and return to the Owner’s Locker warehouse.  Lockers are guaranteed for life and the contents are insured for $100.  Members then choose a storage/delivery plan.  The Standard Annual plan costs $99.00 per year and includes one free Visit (delivery and pickup); while the Annual premium Plan costs $179.00 and provides for unlimited Visits.

    So what do people think about it so far?

    “This is an idea whose time has come!” Sue P.—Livonia, MI

    “What a great idea.  I have thrown so much stuff away…” Elizabeth M.- Charleston, S.C.

    “Packing is SO much easier…” Carolyn O.—Cedar Grove, NJ