✩ 'Can't Buys' to Bring Before You Go

  • You probably know that you can’t buy gum at Walt Disney World. It is simply not sold anywhere. It’s an obvious attempt to keep visitors from “gumming up the works.”

    But if you can’t live without it, you can bring your own gum.

    But what else should you bring?

    There’s a long list.

    But don’t get discouraged.

    You can, of course, buy many of these items at Disney (or another theme park). But the cost is usually high.

    So it’s far more economical and easier to bring these things yourself.

    Here are more than a dozen of the most vital items to have with you before you get in the first line for a ride.

    • A cheap plastic poncho. It’s a lot cheaper to find them outside of Disney (or other theme parks as well). This is particularly useful during Central Florida’s often rainy-day showers. Maybe you ask: Will it rain while you are there? Count on it. If you have rain gear, you can go right on enjoying the park. Rainstorms may be frequent but they are not long lasting. Don’t forget the kids either. Rain gear is also useful during sunshine as well. Not for rain storms but some rides (not necessarily Splash Mountain, despite its name) but the Kalahari Rapids in Animal Kingdom, for example, will probably get you wet.
    • An umbrella, preferably the fold up kind that is compact enough to fit into a purse or small backpack.
    • A backpack is very handy for just about anything you don’t want to lose such as tickets, snacks, camera, etc.
    • Leave the flip flops behind but do bring comfortable, non-blister shoes. Again, they can be bought here but at a high price. As for flip flops, they often flop off during some rides.
    • Of course, you thought of band-aids and other medical supplies. Blisters are not uncommon.
    • A hat for the sun.
    • Sun glasses? More or less essential.
    • And sunscreen? It is far cheaper to buy it at discounted prices in lieu of waiting till you get to the park.
    • If it’s winter, don’t count on the sun to keep you warm. If can get cold. So why not pack a sweater or jacket? You’ll be thankful for it later in the day.
    • Water bottles. You will need it. And sometimes, you need it now, without waiting in line to buy something. You can refill at free water fountains everywhere.
    • How about a small mist fan? They go a long way on hot days.
    • Snacks of all kinds. Almost anything is fine, but no chocolate or things that melt in the sun.
    • If you have kids, (and maybe most adults, too) something for them to read or play games on a phone or other device while waiting in lines or just waiting in general.
    • If you have prescription drugs, of course you will remember to bring them. But also how about simple aspirin? Sun and long lines are not infrequently causes for headaches.
    • Have you thought about bug spray? This item depends on how much you are bothered by these sometimes pesty creatures.
    • Bring a camera. But don’t force yourself to lug along tripods, other lenses, etc. Why bother to carry all that when most of your photos are not “for art’s sake,” but in all probability are for yourself and your own family? Candid is best, anyway.
    • Finally, bring money. No matter how much you save by carrying your own stuff, anything you buy here is not likely to be cheap. 

    Want a more detailed list including what to pack for Disney World? We got ya, how about a theme park check list!