✩ Personalized Disney Shirts

  • Shirts that you design. Or what are often known as “personalized shirts” are selling like bottles of ice-cold water on hot Florida days. That’s true not only with personalized Disney shirts but also those from other theme parks.

    That raises some questions that should of interest to you:

    • Why do it? That’s the very first one.
    • What style shirt do you want?
    • What colors are the most popular shirts?
    • What exactly are you trying to say
    • What are some designs and sentiments on what you want to say?
    • What should you know when picking your own family favorites?
    • And hey, are there some legal issues here that should concern you?


    So here, in brief, are some things you should know about personalized Disney shirts


    Start with why do this, anyway?

    You just spent tons of money on Disney World tickets. So why do you want a personalized Disney or other theme park shirt?

    You want to look amazing or at least different (the good part here is that you do not have to be an expert designer. Anyone can do it).

    You are making a statement. What that is…is entirely up to you.

    Personalized Disney shirts can convey anything from Walt himself to Goofy.


    • It's affordable.
    • It's a keepsake when you go home.
    • It's a useful tool for finding members of your party during your visit, whether that is a single person or an entire family.
    • It's fun, after all
    • Finally, and perhaps most convincing: It’s fun.


    When it comes to this type of shirt, the king color is black. White is also right up there. Also, blue and red.

    One thing to consider: what you put on the shirt. The design or image and the words if you want them.

    These show up best in stark colors such as black or white, which makes sense.

    Black particularly makes things pop or stand out.

    But don’t limit yourself.

    If you like bright orange shirts or bright green, these colors tend stand out a little more in crowds.


    Disney personalized shirts, as well as other theme park versions, can have collars and other options. But what applies to the crew neck is valid for other shirts as well.

    A major advantage of the crew is that any image can be adopted to it.


    Can you design it yourself?
    Sure. Many use Zazzle to create shirts online with Disney characters.


    Does it help to know what most people put on their customized shirts?


    Once you do decide what you want…and that may be nothing more than a group family photo…how about words?

    Get your names right

    Family names, of course, but probably not such details as addresses.

    You might want to include the entire family or spouse in this, not only to get them involved but also that might lead to an even better longer-lasting (hopefully, your shirt will be around for a while) decision that you will be living with for years.

    Consider your cost here. Besides the shirt quantities for your order, the second factor in determining price is the printing. Most shops will charge about $30 for screening. The charge is more for more than one color, so that’s another factor in your decision to make this one color or more, and one or more designs.

    Whatever you have to say, make sure all is spelled right. Yes, that seems obvious but it is surprising how often mistakes are made.

    Also consider: White space by itself is not bad. Be sure to leave some.

    If you are doing color combinations (which is a neat idea in general) remember that some pastel colors such as yellow are not visible at a distance. Darker color shirts look great with lighter inks, but don’t get too dark or the color may come out duller than you intended.

    Be careful also about humor. This is a matter of taste.

    If you're going for a humorous designs you don't want it coming across as a cheap and low-cost joke shirt.


    If you are buying the shirts blank with no images, iron on transfers can be one of the cheapest and easiest methods to get your finished products. But they can fade.

    So you can try to do-it-yourself, but if you are serious, now is a good time to find a good printer. The best test to recognize one is to see what else they have done.

    You can study all kinds of printing methods such as standard screen, to name just one, which is the most common. But basically this is an area where you need to trust your printer. He or she knows a lot more than you do (or can find out in a quick study).

    All of this brings us to our final question. Is it legal to copy Mickey Mouse or other personalized figures on your personalized Disney shirt?

    The consensus is that there should be no problem as long as you are only providing shirts just for friends or family and there are are officially licensed shirt printers that can provide your design with no legal concerns, we recommend the "Disney Ink Shop" at Zazzle.com


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