✩ Disney Weddings: Some Surprises

  • Disney Wedding PavalionDid you ever wonder if Disney’s most famous couple of mice, Mickey and Minnie, were ever married? (If you happen not to know the answer, see the end of this story to find out). Whatever their particular mouse relationships, marriages are big at Walt Disney World. And common: A couple thousand of couples do it every year.

    Love is big business at Walt Disney World. It is often called the top honeymoon destination on the planet. Why this is not surprising is simple. Disney has elegant castles, desirable princesses and princes, and more.

    Even the hidden Mickey watchers have gotten into the wedding game. Bloggers riding the monorail reported seeing one on the top of a building near the wedding pavilion. “The Wedding Chapel by the Grand Floridian has a Hidden Mickey in each of the three speaker grill covers located on the upper part of the walls in the rear of the Chapel,” according to another blogger.

    Some of the more unusual alliances: Road racers during the Walt Disney World Marathons have a times slowed in mid-race to get married in front of the Cinderalla Castle in the Magic Kindgom. At least one couple took that particular plunge, literally, on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywod Studios to exchange marriage vows. Some brides and grooms choose non-traditional methods of transportation to arrive to the ceremony -- such as on horseback, Cinderella’s glass coach, a horse-drawn carriage or vintage automobile.

    Weddings are so popular that Disney itself on its site answers various questions. A typical one:

    Are my guests required to stay at Walt Disney World Resort? Will they receive discounted room rates? Answer: Your guests may stay wherever they please. However, to make it easier and more affordable for them to attend your special Disney event, we are pleased to offer discounted room rates available throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

    Want to add even more magic to your Disney wedding reception? Check out these Disney animated cakes:

    Have it your way, is sort of the theme anytime when it comes to weddings and romance. In the wake of the still ebbing Valentine’s Day, here are some popular romantic choices available throughout the 40-square-mile playground anytime of the year:

    • Get hitched aboard the Grand Floridians’s Grand 1, a 52-foot yacht, during some evening cruises. Private butler service and gourmet meals are available. Also champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries are there for fireworks viewing.
    • The epitome of Disney romance can be summed up in Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings. Where else but at Disney could the ceremony come complete with Cinderella's glass coach, a handsome major domo carrying wedding rings to the altar in a glass slipper, or Mickey and Minnie greeting guests at the reception?
    • Increasingly popular are couples who've been married for years coming to Walt Disney World Resort, often with their families, to renew their vows five, 10, and even 50 years later. Wedding experts tailor the events to each couple’s tastes.
    • Spa are always popular for sharing (the couple that spas together stays…you know the rest) And packages at places like the Grand Floridian Resort or Senses – A Disney Spa at Disney’s Sarasota Springs Resort offer couples the chance to share various treatments.
    • Always popular dinner and show packages offer three-course meals at Wolfgang Puck’s Grand Café with Cirque de Soleil performances.
    • Romantic dinners for two before or after the ceremony? Popular places include the California Grill atop Disney’s Contemporary Resort. A seasonal and sophisticated menu. Even more popular for those who have the money: a table for two at Victoria & Albert’s at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Five-Diamond dining on Royal Doulton china with personalized menus. Ladies receive a long-stemmed red rose.
    • For romantic evenings in general, horse-drawn carriage rides through the wilderness of Walt Disney World Resort through pine-scented woods are an easy RX for togetherness. Antique carriages depart from Pioneer Hall at Disney’s Fort Wilderness and Campground with various destination options.

    And about that marriage of Mickey and Minnie: In various press reports, Disney says they were never married but that they are dating. Maybe this should not be a surprise, after all. But that’s ok, too, because you don’t have to be married to take up Disney’s romantic offers.

    Disney’s Fairy Tale weddings can be highly customized with various prices, according to the wishes or whims of a couple. But Disney quotes a price for a “Memories” ceremony of up to four guests (in addition to the couple) for a starting price of $2,495. An “Escape” version for up to 18 guests starts at $5,500, while a “Wishes” style ceremony with a minimum of 18 guests starts at $12,000.

    Disney Wedding with Cinderella's Carriage
    Disney Wedding Carriage