✩ Disney on a Dime

  • Disney on a dimeAdmittedly, that is a very, very misleading headline.

    But what can you really do for a dime these days?

    Perhaps a telephone call. But that would have been the price about century or so ago.

    Buy a cup of coffee. Long time ago, also.

    No, you can’t do much for a dime.

    But the point here is that there are many money-saving ways to visit Disney.

    You can find them everywhere. And anywhere.

    But a lot of them are saving you no more than nickels and dimes.

    Hardly worth the bother, aren’t they?

    But if we can arouse your interest in saving almost one-third of your costs, it might be worth your attention, right?

    So without further explanation, consider trying out these half dozen ways to save REAL MONEY.

    Visit When Others Don’t

    1. While Disney World ticket prices generally stay the same all year, but not other costs. Prices at Disney resorts and Orlando hotels fluctuate according to school breaks and seasonal holidays. When does this happen? The so-called “value seasons” of January and February, and the first two weeks of September (with some exceptions such as New Year’s Day). The fall season in October and the first parts of November and December are also likely times. The “dog days” of the summer season or all of June and July. It’s easy enough for you to figure out these times yourself, using nothing more than common sense. But if you pay attention, and keep your options open for discounted announcements, you will find other reduced pricing at other times of the year.

    2. Disney World’s deluxe resorts are equal to any stand-alone destinations anywhere. So if you can’t or won’t pay the price, see them for free. They are worth at least an hour or so of entertainment at no cost. To cite just two examples: You can stroll the Atlantic City Boardwalk at BoardWalk Inn, or see African animals wandering outside at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

    Shopping for Free

    3. Everyone likes to shop. And it can cost nothing. The park's shopping and entertainment districts are great places for a cost-free stroll. The Ghirardelli Chocolate shop even offers free samples. At Downtown Disney, you’ll find performers on the stage and sidewalks at all times. There are other free shows. Acquaint yourself with them.

    4. There are three different Monorail routes. They are all free and accessible from the Ticket and Transportation Center. The Resort route stops at the three Magic Kingdom resorts: Disney’s Polynesian Village, Grand Floridian, and the Contemporary. Other routes pass through the Magic Kingdom and elsewhere. No, you can’t ride the rails all day, of course, but the train views are worth seeing. And you get a chance to sit down. After a hard day of walking, that alone is worth the price of no cost.

    24 Hours of Disney

    5. Disney World used to avoid any discounting. But you can still find such ticket-buying encouragements such as free food, etc. Check for these offers. Remember that a lot of these freebies require longer stays of at least four days, and they’re often not available during peak seasons. But on the other hand, the longer you can stick around, the less it works out to when you buy multi-day tickets.

    6. Another point to note about a visit: you want to maximize time spent here, don’t you? Consider a trip on May 22. That has been Disney’s traditional time to keep the Magic Kingdom open for 24 hours. That date is the Friday before Memorial Day. Starting at 6 a.m., you can go on all rides, see shows, stay up all night if you wish (or are able to) to thoroughly explore the park. Even if you just get tickets for this single day, the cost is lower per hour because of the extended hours you can spend in the park. It’s a way to get more than your money’s worth. ###