✩ Disney World Check List

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    Disney World Checklist 
    (supplement to our planning and packing guide)

    and also don't forget the 
    Saving money for your Disney Vacation guide

    Items (check each off when you leave for your vacation 
    and when you leave for the parks!)
    For the parks For 
    the Vacation
    Personalized Family Shirts
    Sunglasses, Eyeglasses, Contacts, Solutions, and general eye care
    Printable fun and games from Disney including calendars, greeting cards, play sets, coloring pages and school fun. Great stuff for a pre-Disney vacation!
    Change of clothes for the kids (you want them to have fun in the fountains and water features and not walk around in wet shorts all day right?)
    Change of socks (why, click here!)
    Moleskin (helps cushion the areas where blisters or hot-spots are forming on your feet)
    Hats (for sun protection)
    Medications, Aspirin, Tylenol, Tums and Pepto (first aid)
    Medical Cards
    Chewing Gum (you can't buy it on property)
    ID's, Drivers License proof of insurance
    Camera, Cables, Batteries, Film, Storage Media and Bag
    Flash memory For Digital Cameras
    Cell Phones, chargers, cables, ear buds, bluetooth
    Two Way Radios
    Address book, PDA, Organizer
    Baby / Diaper wipes (for many reason other than baby bottoms!)
    Baby supplies (you know what you need)
    Ziploc bags (big and small)
    Toys, small games something portable for the kids to use while waiting in lines
    Hand Sanitizer
    Ear plugs for anyone with sensitive ears
    Rain gear
    Pocket binoculars
    Soft sided cooler
    Snacks, crackers, non melting candy
    Frozen water bottles, use wide mouth for putting in ice cubes, (click here for a great way to save on water!) Reminder, freeze bottoms side ways so the opening is not frozen closed.
    Kool Aid, Tea, or filters for water bottles for those that dislike FLA water.
    Refillable mugs (resorts an water parks free refill mugs)
    Spay Bottle for misting
    Autograph book (or whatevere you are having signed)
    Lanyard and trading pins
    PhotoPass card(s) / Magic Bands (purchase Memory Maker in advance to save).
    A tote back for all this stuff


    The following are items only needed for the vacation (not for the parks)
    Hotel / Home disinfecting bomb
    Dish Soap (wash those nasty hotel glasses)
    Hotel Info (phone, address etc)
    Rental Car Info
    Tickets! (make copies, or take a picture of each with your camera phone)
    Comfortable shoes (break them before leaving)
    Laundry soap
    Hygiene products
    Portable Games
    Season appropriate clothing
    Bathing suits, beach towels
    Souvenirs (cheaper to buy them before you get in the praks!)
    Flashlight with batteries for maps etc...