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    Hidden Mickey on Tower of Terror 
    Park: DHS Submitted by: DarthMaul
    Submitted on: 10/7/2010

    When you are in the line for the Hollywood Tower a.k.a towe of terror after watching the video, when you first walk into the line into the boiler room on the back of the heater there is a large hidden mickey.

    Animal Kingdom Lodge hidden Mickey 
    Park: AK Submitted by: Anon
    Submitted on: 7/26/2009

    Outside of the Animal Kingdom Lodge there is a mural of giraffes made out of rocks by the playground. In the center of the giraffe there is a mickey made out of the only circular rocks.

    After the big Splash, on Splash Mountain 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Jennifer
    Submitted on: 5/28/2009
    Confirmed by: Sean

    At the very end of Splash Mountain, after the big , look behind the Show boat to the right in the clouds. The clouds for a silhouette of mickey laying on his back. You have to tilt your head to the right to see it. 

    Sean writes: Its one of my favorite hidden mickeys...all though the better hidden micheky on Splash Mountain is at the top of the hill.

    R.I.P. Mr. Toad (Haunted Mansion Graveyard) 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Lola
    Submitted on: 5/11/2009
    Confirmed by: Michael

    At the haunted mansion when you come off of the ride there is a pet cemetary look in the way back of the right side there is a mr.toad grave!! Take a look next time you are there it is actually quite funny! 

    Peter Pans Flight factoid. 
    Park: MK Submitted by: DMC
    Submitted on: 3/17/2009

    In Peter Pans Flight, the little cars that are supposed to be rolling through London are actually chains with glow-in the dark paint on it!

    Update: I am (removed to remain anon.) services. I confirm this is NOT true, it is a chain with little cars and glow in the dark

    Liberty Square Riverboat, under the boat! 
    Park: MK Submitted by: deltahouse
    Submitted on: 2/5/2009
    Confirmed by: Cindy

    While Riding the river boat in MK, look into the water while going around. You can see several characters under the water including Steam Boat Willie mickey and the bad guy who ran the boat cant remember his name at the moment. Ive seen these 2 and pluto looking like hes trying to swim.

    Im told there are 12.

    Cindy writes: When we were going on the ride my little sister ped her rattle in the water. When I was retrieving it from the water, i was very surprised to see eyes of the Disney characters looking back up at me!!

    Soarin Mickey over Disneyland 
    Park: EpcotFW Submitted by: soccerboyy33
    Submitted on: 9/19/2008
    Confirmed by: MousePrincess

    Pay close attention to the fires works at the end of the ride. Three red fireworks form a huge Mickey on the Soarin screen!

    MousePrincess writes: Ive seen it many times! but in California Adventure

    Soarin' Hidden Mickey 
    Park: EP Submitted by: kendall
    Submitted on: 9/10/2008
    Confirmed by: MousePrincess

    in soarin in epcot, all im gonna say is dont blink when the golf ball comes at you. you will find a hidden mickey

    MousePrincess writes: It is best seen from the top row of the theater, better from center.

    Fishing with Mickey 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Allie
    Submitted on: 7/9/2008

    in splash mountain their is a fishing scene, and at the end of one of the fishing poles, the bobber is shaped like a mickey mouse head!

    Cinderellas Golden Carousel 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Patrick
    Submitted on: 6/6/2008
    Confirmed by: Levi

    Its been a while since I was to Disney World but when I was last there I noticed on Cinderellas Golden Carousel the many still scenes from the animated Cinderella film that encircle the top. On one of them is Anastasia and Drizella, the stepsisters. I couldnt help but notice that their dresses are the wrong color- reverse from what is in the film. Drizella should be wearing green but is in pink. Anastasia is wearing the green and should be wearing the pink. Not sure if it is still like this but thought it interesting.

    Levi writes: The step sisters dresses are not exactly reversed. They are green and red as opposed to pink. They reflect the sisters emotions. Red with rage and Green with envy.

    Hidden Mickey shoe?! 
    Park: MGM Submitted by: anon
    Submitted on: 2/29/2008
    Confirmed by: Ashley

    When riding the great movie ride be sure to keep an eye out for a hidden Mickey in the gangster scene. Just as the doors open to the gangster scene you go around the curve and if you look to the left you will see a huge poster that is all torn. If you look to the bottom left hand side of the poster you will see Mickeys shoe.

    Ashley writes: My friend just started an internship there and he pointed this out to me, right near where you see James Cagney if I remember correctly.

    Totem Pole Mickey 
    Park: EP Submitted by: JohnnyBSurfing
    Submitted on: 1/21/2008

    In the If you go past the restaurant on your right moving counterclockwise around the park. The Canada looks like some log cabins. There is a Totem pole there and on the top right there is a hidden mickey!

    Hiddent Mickey man hole covers. 
    Park: ALL Submitted by: Rocio
    Submitted on: 6/30/2007
    Confirmed by: ryanbar

    If you look anywhere in the Parks you will find this hidden mickey. If you look on the street that your walking on you will find a sewage top and look in the middle of it and there you find a hidden Mickey.

    Ryanbar writes: I saw this happen once i was in the Magic Kingdom when the manhole cover opened and out came mickey!

    Hidden Mickey on Test Track car. 
    Park: EP Submitted by: brojack17
    Submitted on: 6/17/2007
    Confirmed by: Soco

    Hidden Mickey on Test Track car. While waiting in line for test track, we saw a car that has three stickers arranged in Mickey fashion. I didnt get the number of the car but it is red. See link. 

    Soco writes: I have seen that on every car, just in different places!!

    Click here for more info!
    Rafikis Planet Watch Hidden Mickey 
    Park: AK Submitted by: brojack17
    Submitted on: 6/17/2007

    Inside Rafikis Planet Watch where you can watch the vets work there are three petri dishes with snake skins in them arranged in Mickey fashion.

    Click here for more info!
    Hidden Mickey in Mexico 
    Park: EP Submitted by: Anon
    Submitted on: 6/9/2007
    Confirmed by: Ash

    At Epcot in Mexico, if you look at the volcano in the back, the smoke will form a hidden mickey for a split second. This is a tuff one to spot, it took a while for me to spot it.

    Ash writes: I saw this! It is hard to spot but i was eating at the restaurant there and had enough time to wait for it.

    More haunted hidden Mickeys! 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Dawn
    Submitted on: 6/4/2007
    Confirmed by: Megan

    On the Haunted Mansion ride in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, the plates on the dining room table are unofficial hidden mickey. There is a hidden Donald in the chair back when you see the candle floating in the hall. The official hidden mickey is in the graveyard scene as you are getting ready to leave the graveyard, there is an opera singing ghost, look to your right and you will see an open grave with the grim reaper holding a mickey icon....

    Megan writes: "I have personally seen this at least 7 times. Deff true! "

    Test Track Hidden Mickeys 
    Park: EP Submitted by: KG
    Submitted on: 5/10/2007
    Confirmed by: Alonia

    While going through the line on Test Track at Epcot, there is a white car frame. Look at the tail lights. There he is MICKEY!
    Also, if you get the picture at the end of the ride, from when you are smashing through the crash test dummy portion of the ride going outside, look at the ropes on the platform to the right of your car... There he is again MICKEY!

    Alonia writes: Yea it is ture i hav rode test track 12 times and i see it every time i go on it. and this is an addition to the tinkerbell treasure one. also if you get there really early you get to wake her up!! it is really really really fun!!! but you have to get there early or someone might have done it already!!!

    Peter Pan Hidden Mickey 
    Park: MK Submitted by: hlab87
    Submitted on: 5/7/2007
    Confirmed by: ImagineerITM

    On the peter pan ride, while you are waiting there is a hidden mickey in the bark of the trees. Before you go through the turnstyle, look to your left. My sister and I read this one in a book and searched for like years. each time we went we could never find it. then one day i was waiting with my mom and i told her to look for it. after about 2 seconds she says is that it and points to the hidden mickey. i felt like an idiot but i was glad we found it!


    Pirates Hidden Mickey 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Nicole
    Submitted on: 1/15/2007
    Confirmed by: Heather

    This secret is kinda known, i found it in a book. At the end of the pirates of the Carribean ride before you see captain jack sparrow talking about gold, where the guys in jail are trying to get the dog to give them the keys, the lock on the door is shaped in a mickey head. It is a little hard to see because it is really small.

    Heather Writes: Definitely saw this one both at Disney World *and* Disneyland California! ive read the book as well and was hunting for it, haha

    Steven writes: My best friend works for pirates and she has pointed out the hidden mickeys and actually the locks are NOT! i repeat NOT hidden mickeys they just look like mickey but in fact that is how the locks looked like back in the time frame they are not hidden mickeys the true hidden mickeys are in the same dungeon scene though they are 3 circles under the lamps to the left those are the correct hidden mickeys

    Haunted Hidden Mickey 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Nicole
    Submitted on: 1/15/2007
    Confirmed by: Jennifer

    On the haunted mansion ride every now and then in the ballroom with the ghosts dancing at the head of the table there are 3 plates and sometimes they are shaped in a mickey head and sometimes they aren't. So you'll have to find it at a time when they do it.

    Jennifer Writes: Yep this is def true!!! I've seen this hidden mickey in more once!!!

    Laughing Goofy Bench 
    Park: MK Submitted by: floridasoccerstar10mt
    Submitted on: 1/15/2007
    Confirmed by: Scott08053

    Outside the lady and the tramp tony's restaurant in magic kingdom there is a bench with goofy sitting on it. I sat on goofy once and he started laughing and i jumped up and i was forced 2 sit on it again 2 prove myself!!! i was mad cuz each time it scared me cuz i didnt kno it was going 2 happen!!!! but it is still a great secret. Scott08053 writes: ABSOLUTELY TRUE! We just finished dinner @ Tony's and our 5 Y.O. son sat on the bench. When Goofy laughed, he jumped and then we all laughed. Great (and fun) trick for those who know and even better to spring on those who don't!

    Small World Hidden Mickey 
    Park: MK Submitted by: brooke
    Submitted on: 1/14/2007
    Confirmed by: hlab87

    ok, now here is a tuff hidden mickey! inside its a small world at the part where the big smileing sun is there are vines hanging and as you are going to the next tunnel look up and the vines are shaped like mickey! it is a little hard to catch because you dont have much time but still next time you go try to confirm this!! 

    hlab87 writes: True. I read about this hidden mickey in a book and searched for it. My sister and I saw the vines shaped like mickey. we had to ride it a few times to find it but its there.

    Tinkerbell's Treasure 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Tammy
    Submitted on: 8/4/2006
    Confirmed by: Janet

    In the shop Tinkerbell's Treasures in the Magic Kingdom there is a little dresser up against the wall with a keyhole in one of the drawers. If you put your eye up to the keyhole you can see a little light and hear a bell as if Tinkerbell was stuck in the drawer. Janet Writes: My daughter and I just went to Disney. We can definately confirm this one! Cool.

    Hidden Mickey at the Great Movie Ride 
    Park: MGM Submitted by: MMOUSE
    Submitted on: 6/12/2006
    Confirmed by: Denise

    In the center of the big yellow flowers in the Wizard Of OZ set are round polips in many cases the are arranged together to look like Mickey

    It wasnt untill after we returned home and looked at our pictures that we saw the hidden Mickey. But there it was bright as day right where I was told it would be. Right between Dorothy's house and the white munchkin house there is a long green vine with yellow and orange flowers on it, about 1/2 way up you can find it.

    Space Mountain Tinkle Hidden Mickey 
    Park: Magic Kingdom Submitted by: IMNotCrazy
    Submitted on: 2/16/2006
    Confirmed by: Eric M.

    You gotta go to the space mounain bathroom and in the toilet there is a secret mickey! ITS PURPLE AND IT FLICKERS IN PRETTY COLOURS. Eric M writes: The fact is true, but you only see it on certain occasions, the one I saw it was the 50th Anniversary.

    Snow White Hidden Mickey's 
    Park: Magic Kingdom Submitted by: tigger2
    Submitted on: 7/13/2005
    Confirmed by: Bellie

    In Snow White's Scary Adventures mickey's red and yellow shorts are hanging on the closeline. Three hidden mickeys are in the chimney stones on the dwarves cottage. Bellie writes: Yes I have noticed them too! Did you know there is also a Hidden Mickey on the top of the magic mirror? There's supposed to be a Hidden Mickey Dressed as a dwarf too as you enter the mine, but i can't find it! I'm gonna look next time!

    Contemporary behind closed doors hidden Mickey 
    Park: MK Submitted by: sjdesanto
    Submitted on: 6/21/2005

    Here is a Hidden Mickey that is not well known and can not be got to without a castmember with access. While checking into the Contemporary, I was discussing Hidden Mickey's with my children. The castmember got very excited and asked if I wanted to see a really hidden one. She closed her check-in booth and took us to the 2nd floor well in to the back past the main convention rooms. She took us beind a secure door and I was surprised to find myself in the original main Disney boardroom for the park with a dognut shapped conference table. In the center was an oval pillar waist hight with a number of pieces of art and glass globes on it spaced oddly apart. She turned off the main lights and flipped on a few strategic placed flood lights. Sure enough the reflections projected a Hidden Mickey on the ceiling about 3' diameter. Just getting into this room was very exciting and the very well Hidden Mickey made it all the more.

    Pinocchio's Cafe hidden Mickey 
    Park: MK Submitted by: sjdesanto
    Submitted on: 6/20/2005

    In the Magic Kingdom, next to It's A Small World is Pinocchio's Cafe. In the dinning room with the Blue Fairy murel the are three small clouds to the right of the fairy in the shape of a Mickey not larger than a dime. A castmember heard me talking about Hidden Mickeys with the kids and took us to this one, the two at the entrance to Snow White, and the cannonballs in Peter Pans Flight.

    Yet another haunted hidden Mickey! 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Jamie
    Submitted on: 6/20/2005
    Confirmed by: Bellie

    This is a really cool hidden mickey. It's the end of the graveyard scene, toward the very end of the ride. You have to turn around at the end of the graveyard, look over the cart and behind you to the right and you'll see the Grim Reaper. He is holding his hand up, and his fingers are curled to make a glowing mickey head. It was obviously intentional. It's my favorite hidden mickey in the parks that i know of. It helps to be sitting in the right side of the cart.

    More talking garbage cans! 
    Park: Magic Kingdom Submitted by: Tigger2
    Submitted on: 6/13/2005
    Confirmed by: Brittany

    In Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland there are talking garbage cans along the left wall in the main area. (Look for the electrical cords leading to them)(first you have to put something in them.) 
    Brittany writes: This is true. I thought I knew all the talking trash cans until i went to throw something away into one of these and to my suprise it talked!

    Anonymous user writes:
    I am just wanting to let you know that there is something you can add to the question about the talking trashcan that roams around Tomorrowland.

    The talking trashcan that moves around Tomorrowland is named PUSH. Push is part garbage can part audio system. Push does not have a microphone in him so the one who controls Push has to stay very close so he can hear the questions. Look for a man who has his right, most of the time hand in a bag and looks as if he is biting his fingernails That is how he can talk to the guests.

    New Haunted Manison Tombstone 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Tigger2
    Submitted on: 6/13/2005
    Confirmed by: Belllie

    The new tombstone in HM is honoring imagineer Leota Thomas who passed away. Every few minutes her head goes forward and her eyes open to reveal green glowing eyes. Bellie writes: Yep! I've noticed this one as well. And we have got it on video tape to prove it!

    Hidden Mickey in Hall of Presidents 
    Park: MK Submitted by: daddymac
    Submitted on: 5/18/2005
    Confirmed by: Emma & Amy

    If you happen to get to the show before showtime, walk around and look at the paintings. The mural on the wall by the far left entrance to the theatre has a hidden Mickey head on the very end of George Washingtons sword. I asked a cast member about it and he said that they had the painting on loan from D.C., and that they had not done a thing to it.He said it was like ballbearings mounted on the end so that when Washington had to sign anything, he could balance the sword on end.

    Talking garbage can #2! 
    Park: Epcot Submitted by: jbrezins
    Submitted on: 3/25/2005
    Confirmed by: candace

    There is a talking garbage can in Epcot at the Electric Umbrella Cafe. It moves within the restuaraunt but generally can be found by the fixin' bars closest to the restrooms. It makes gulping sounds and thanks you when you deposit your trash in it.

    Buzz Light Year hidden Mickey 
    Park: Magic Kingdom Submitted by: disneydiva55
    Submitted on: 3/25/2005
    Confirmed by: Bobby and Spottykitty93

    This one is right as soon as you walk through the door to enter this ride. It is on the right hand side on the picture on the wall. There is an earth looking planet!! The middle continent is a hidden mickey!! Not a three circle mickey!!

    Admin note: This same hidden Mickey can be found in the room where the planets fly over your head...

    Key to Muppet Vision 
    Park: MGM Submitted by: Kyle
    Submitted on: 2/21/2005
    Confirmed by: DisneyDiva55

    On the Muppetvison 3D ride right when you walk in there is as window and on that window there is a sign that says BAck in 5 minutes under the window there is a mat if you lift the mat there will be a key. DisneyDiva55: This is true!! I saw it on fans giude to walt disney world!! It was on the travel channel!!

    Splash Moutain hidden Mickey 
    Park: All Submitted by: tinkerbelle
    Submitted on: 12/22/2004
    Confirmed by: Rachel E

    as you are going through splash mountain, there is a picnic basket and there are 3 fishing bobbers shaped as mickey. Rachel E: My friends told me about this one..and on my VERY FIRST ride, on my VERY FIRST trip to WDW, I spotted it!

    Blizzard Beach hidden Mickey 
    Park: All Submitted by: tinkerbelle
    Submitted on: 12/22/2004
    Confirmed by: Josh P

    at blizzard beach there is a distinct hidden mickey as your going up the ski lift down below you in the rocks

    Park: All Submitted by: tinkerbelle
    Submitted on: 12/22/2004
    Confirmed by: Rebekah

    ask a cast member to get a flashlight to show you its not visible in plain sight if you havent seen it before, its as your loading into the cars and the mural right in front of you is of Hollywood, minnie is hidden in a forest of palm trees

    Tower of Terror hidden Mickey 
    Park: All Submitted by: tinkerbelle
    Submitted on: 12/22/2004
    Confirmed by: Mehisayhi

    when the elevator shaft moves foward in tower of terror there is a hidden mickey right above you as the elevator starts to move, its a quick one that you cant always get

    U R Doomed! 
    Park: ALL Submitted by: Mike G.
    Submitted on: 6/2/2004
    Confirmed by: blackrosedistort

    On the ride Tower of Terror, when you first walk into the Hotel and you are about to go either to the left or the right the sign that is next to the "broken or out of order" elevator, the letters that appear to have fallen off read "evil tower u r doomed" 
    This "EVIL TOWER U R DOOMED" fact is 100% true. I was tempted to take a picture of it but couldn't; what's more, the missing letters ON the main board are actually the characters that make up the hidden message.

    Tower of Terror Mickeys 
    Park: All Submitted by: Stacey
    Submitted on: 5/20/2004
    Confirmed by: Mike G

    When you are on WDW Tower of Terror, the girl in the video is holding a mickey mouse doll...look quickly its only shown for a few seconds. You can also see her with the doll when the elevator gets to the stop and the "Ghosts" are all fuzzy. One more on this ride...this one is really hard to see, it may take a couple of tries...when the elevator is just about to drop, and everything is pitch black look at the screen with the moving stars...right as thy come together to fade they form a hidden mickey. This one is really cool looking. 

    Mike G: I would like to confirm this hidden mickey, i am a ride tech. (i fix the rides) and when they made the pre-show video, the one you watch in the library, they used cast members and family of the cast members, the little girl orginally had a doll that was supposed to look dead, but the girl brought the mickey to the set and the director thought it would be a good idea for a hidden mickey.

    Splash Moutain Hidden Mickeys 
    Park: all Submitted by: Amy
    Submitted on: 3/18/2004
    Confirmed by: Kaitlin

    On splash mountain after u go down one of the drops and come to the singing ducks that are fishing, look up on the wall where the clouds are, and there are a few hidden mickeys. Neither of them are right-side up, their all on the side. Also there is a mickey-head shaped fishing bobble on a rock in the scene where the fish is jumping. 

    Kaitlin: Amy, is right . On the ride Splash Mountain in thw duck area if you look by the clouds upside down Mickey Mouses are there. If you look behind the second upside down mouses' feet you will see the orginal mortimor mouse

    Space Moutain Hidden Mickey 
    Park: ALL Submitted by: Bridgett
    Submitted on: 3/15/2004
    Confirmed by: Kevin

    In Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland, every third window of stars while you wait in line has a Mickey constellation, similar to the one in Spaceship Earth. It's not totally easy to see. Look for a partial outline made of stars; the black space in the middle is Mickey's head. And I'm pretty sure they use the same panels for the ceiling as you are leaving, because I saw the same hidden Mickey outline up there too.

    "Return to Oz" Prop Key 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Ashley M.
    Submitted on: 10/13/2003
    Confirmed by: Chip

    I haven't seen this yet, but will try and verify it when I go to Disney World in December '03. But, according to something I heard once, the key that was used in the Disney movie "Return to Oz", can now be found on the Splash Mountain ride in Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World. I hear it's located on one of the boats (not the ones that you ride in, but the ones that are used for show in the ride). Can anyone verify this?

    Splash Mountian Hidden Mickeys 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Lauren
    Submitted on: 10/13/2003
    Confirmed by: HotThang0881

    In the ride Splash Mountian there is quite a few hidden mickeys, but the one that stood out the most to me is when the ride first begins.You go in the scene area with all the talkling animals and the story begins. When you go in, right away look stright ahead as you are going around the turn, and you will see a hidden mickey carved in on the tree. HotThang0811: I go to Disney every year, and i ride Splash Mountian every year. I have seen that mickey and there r many more for u to find.

    Spaceship Earth Hidden Mickeys 
    Park: Epcot Submitted by: bobkoz120
    Submitted on: 10/13/2003
    Confirmed by: Forna

    In Spaceship Earth at Epcot there are two hidden Mickey's. the first one is on the scribe's bench; look for the three white circle's from the paint can that are joined together to form Mickey's head and again in the teens room there are 3 oreo cookies also forming Mickey's head.

    Vicking Mickey 
    Park: Epcot Submitted by: Danielle
    Submitted on: 10/13/2003
    Confirmed by: Stephen, Michael, Annon

    In the mural that you see while boarding the Malestrom, in Norway, The is a viking ship and towards one the ends you will see a viking wearing a mickey hat!!! Look closley to see it.
    YEs if you look at the painting before you get on the ship youll see it

    Talking Bench 
    Park: EpcotSC Submitted by: RKG
    Submitted on: 4/4/2003
    Confirmed by: Timothy S.

    When you get off of the Maelstrom ride at the Norway pavillion in EPCOT, you are escorted into a theater to watch a movie. Just before you walk in, there is a talking bench to the right of the theater doors.

    Haunted Hidden Donald 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Dannielle
    Submitted on: 2/3/2003
    Confirmed by: Dano

    In the Haunted Mansion there is a hidden Donald Duck.
    There is a red velvet chair in front of the long hallway with the floating candlelabras. Look closly at the Chair, and you can make out Donald Duck's face.

    Dano:Yes, this hidden donald is on the red chair,you have oddles of time to see it, it is really neat!!!

    Slick Willy! 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Dannielle
    Submitted on: 2/3/2003
    Confirmed by: BooboBunny

    President Clinton is the only president to wear a Mickey Mouse Tie, in the Hall Of Presidents.

    BooboBunny:This is true. Also to date Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush are the only 2 presidents whose voices were recorded for The Hall of Presidents attraction.

    Another haunted Mickey! 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Kelly
    Submitted on: 8/20/2002
    Confirmed by: Scotte

    The haunted mansion is actually a hidden mickey in itself. When you are first escorted into the mansion, you are in Mickey's "face". There are actually two rooms you can go into from there, making the wait faster. These are Mickey's "ears".

    Scotte: It is true that in the foyer at the haunted mansion there are two "elevator" rooms. This is to accomodate a higher number of visitors during busy times. In the abstract it could be construed to be a hidden mickey, although the WED designers probably had higher load capacity in mind.

    Cinderella's Crown 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Kelly
    Submitted on: 8/11/2002
    Confirmed by: Dannielle

    The water fountain behind Cinderella's Castle (next to Tinkerbell's Treasures) Has Cinderella in it holding a bird. If you stand directly in front of Cinderella and curtsey to her, you will see the crown behind her painted onto the wall go onto her head.
    Dannielle: This secret is on the "Once Upon A time" training tour that all Magic Kingdom Cast Members go through.

    Haunted hidden Mickey 2? 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Kelly
    Submitted on: 8/11/2002
    Confirmed by: Shelbs

    If you are in the car, almost at the very end of the ride, where you pass the couple, one is an opera singer woman with a viking had and long braided hair, behind her is a hidden mickey. Supposedly not many people have found this one.

    Haunted Hidden Mickeys? 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Annon
    Submitted on: 7/28/2002
    Confirmed by: Arthur B. and Jacqueline

    At the Magic Kingdom, on the Haunted Mansion, when you're passing through the part where the ghosts are all dancing around a long rectangular table, there are plates set up on the table to form the shape of Mickey's face.

    New Tombstone 
    Park: MK Submitted by: Renee
    Submitted on: 7/28/2002
    Confirmed by: Amanda

    I was waiting line for the haunted mansion and noticed a new addition to the cemetary. The tombstone at the far right is a women with her eyes closed. If you watch closely she opens them and looks around about every five minutes. It was very entertaining to hear the women in front of me telling her husband her was crazy after he saw this.Watch closely!!!!!!

    This is absolutely true. I did not believe my sister when she started yelling about it while waiting to go into the Haunted Mansion. It wasn't until I saw it myself that I actually believed it. It is quite creepy!!! She opens her eyes and then looks around. You really do have to watch closely though.

    Five-Legged Goat 
    Park: ALL Submitted by: Admin
    Submitted on: 5/7/2002
    Confirmed by: Admin

    The mosaic mural in the fourth-floor lobby of Disney's Contemporary Resort was created in 1971 with 1,800 one-square-foot tiles and took 18 months to construct. Look closely: there's a five-legged goat facing the monorail track.

    Music To Your Eyes 
    Park: ALL Submitted by: Admin
    Submitted on: 5/7/2002
    Confirmed by: Admin

    The musical staff notes across the registration desk at Disney's Port Orleans Resort-French Quarter spell out the first verse of "When the Saints Go Marching In."

    Cheap Transportation 
    Park: ALL Submitted by: ScrapAng
    Submitted on: 4/30/2002
    Confirmed by: Aimee

    If you have more than 3 people in your party, it is usually less expensive to use a towncar from the airport to your resort than a taxi or even mears shuttle service. Plus, you are met at the luggage pick up by a driver (makes you feel important!), and you go directly to your hotel, vs. mears where you more than likely get a bus, or maybe a van, but have to stop at several resorts before gettting to yours. You can request child booster and car seats, so you don't need to lug one around if your planning on using the Disney buses the rest of your trip. You can even request a grocery store stop at no additional charge.

    Aimee:Yep!! This is true in most cases! We travel with at least 5 or 6 people, and we use Yourride Towncar Service. We get the deluxe van for 80.00 total. It is 85.00, but they have a 5.00 coupon you can print out on their website!! Mears is about $30.00/adult and $20.00/child. Thats $120.00 to wait sometimes almost an hour for the bus or van that is going to your hotel, you have to get your own luggage, you get crammed into a van (or get on a bus) with people going to at least 1 or 2 other resorts, you have to stop and unload at these other resorts. We always stay at all stars, and I swear we were always last off the bus or van. With yourride, you are met at the bottom of the escalator by your driver holding a sign with your name on it, they load your luggage on a cart for you, take it to the curb, they go get the car,van or limo ( they arent allowed to park and leave the car there now with new airport security rules), they load the van and you are taken directly to YOUR hotel. You can request in advance a free 30 minute grocery stop!! You are given a card when you are dropped off at your resort with the time of your return pick up!! It doesnt get any better than that!! Its cheaper for us, than mears, and its faster, and just better!!!!

    Click here for more info!
    Talking Water Fountians 
    Park: EpcotFW Submitted by: admin
    Submitted on: 4/30/2002
    Confirmed by: annon

    Head straight through the Innovations East, and head towards Horizons, you will spot a set of restrooms to the left. You will see a couple of water fountains that there that are said to talk. Jbezins writes: The talking drinking fountains are located near the restrooms to your left as you walk through the pathway toward "The Land" Exhibit from the fountain area as of October 2004. They were in the splashing fountain area of the gateway to world show case in 2003. Are there more then one set of talking fountains?

    Coins are fixed into Mickey Heads 
    Park: ALL Submitted by: admin
    Submitted on: 4/30/2002
    Confirmed by: admin

    Some of the coins in the fountains are permanently affixed to form hidden Mickeys

    Never Pay Full Price 
    Park: ALL Submitted by: ScrapAng
    Submitted on: 4/30/2002
    Confirmed by: admin

    Never pay the full price. There is almost always some type of discount or deal available. Ask the cast member what type of specials may be available. At the very least, use AAA discount, or join The Disney Club to get even a minimum discount. Different regions of the country may have different specails available.

    Nazi Murals 
    Park: MK Submitted by: admin
    Submitted on: 4/30/2002
    Confirmed by: Gogetaz

    Nazi Murals… in one of the painting you can cleary see a Nazi guard… can someone tell me where the painting is?

    User comments:

    Comment 1:
    The Nazi Mural is in the ballroom of the Grand Floridian Hotel.

    Comment 2:
    This one is an unsubstantiated urban legend - Check out the Disney page on Snopes.com.

    Gogetaz:Hey, yeah, I saw the nazi mural too. I've never been to disneyworld or land, but I've seen almost every disney movie. On this other website I went to, called www.snopes.com , I found a topic under disney thempark secrets. It talks about a nazi being in a painting in one of the hotels. It's true, it does look like one, but it's not confirmed that it is actually supposed to be a nazi.

    Talking Garbage Can 
    Park: MK Submitted by: admin
    Submitted on: 4/30/2002
    Confirmed by: WDW4ME

    Talking garbage can… somewhere near cosmic rays… need confirmation on this one.

    Thank you WDW4ME:
    I can confirm that the talking trash can does exist. It rolls around tommorowland and talks with guests who are near it. (Look for the cast member(disguised as a guest)close by who has a microphone and remote control).