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  • Disney World packages are not complicated but I do get the question "What is a Disney World package?" often so, what exactly is a "package"? Packages comes in many different configurations. A package could include the hotel room, attraction tickets, dining and airfare but this is usually done with the help of a travel agent. The packages we sell via 888-WDW-CHEAP can include even more features like hotel deliveries or even a travel trailer rental delivered directly to your campsite at Disney's Ft. Wilderness. The term packages is used loosely and in most cases only refers to the hotel room and the tickets in a package.   


    • Walt Disney Travel Company: This would be booking a package or vacation directly through one of the official channels or by calling Disney directly. There is no clear benefit to the end user in this scenario. The agents are polite and friendly but they have little reason to find the best deals for you. They may sound like they are searching and analyzing various offers which they are but they are not looking much further than the regularly available discount codes. They are knowledgeable about the Disney World Resort but this is generally not first hand knowledge and what information is passed along is from a database.

    • Booking a Disney World package via a Travel Agent: These packages are booked the same way as above and carry no additional costs! The agent is paid by Disney for their services via a commission. So why not just go directly to the source? Easy, Disney World specializing agents are super fans meaning they know the parks and resorts plus they have the added incentive to make you happy so you will use them again and tell your friends. This is the recommended method of booking for Disney World newbies or for those that are not to sure of what they want. Our agents here will even take the time to apply a discount code to your package even after you have booked. Our agents have access to special phone numbers to by pass the nightmare calling cues and even better you never have to do a thing to get the discount. Our agents can handle every piece of your Disney World package including making your dining reservations or handling your special needs. Call us at 888-WDW-CHEAP option 3. Our Disney World specialists can book your resort on or off property, add tickets for any area attractions, make all your dining reservations and act as your vacation personal assistant all at no additional charge to you!

    • Expedia/Travelocity/Priceline/Booking.com etc: These vendors sometimes offer great specially negotiated rates on hotels and resorts and can sometimes lead to excellent deals. Sometimes these sites offer packages (tickets + resort) but not always and can lead to some big mistakes. This method of packaging requires more thought and work on your part. You will want to add Orlando area tickets to this booking method so it's not really consider a package.

    • Airline packages: These are packages that are purchased through big name airlines like Delta, Southwest or Funjet. These packages are typically airfare, resort room and tickets bundled into a signal price making it difficult (if not impossible) to tell what each item costs.

    • Our online packaging system: https://www.WDWPackages.com We take specially negotiated rates from local hotels and combine them with deeply discounted tickets to make packages affordable and easy to build. The advantage here is the price! Our prices are guaranteed to be lowest. Nobody beats our online Disney World Packages (really!). We also have a huge selection of resorts and hotels along with an impressive selection of Orlando area attractions. We offer many package varieties including but not limited to Disney World Packages, Universal Packages and SeaWord Packages




    1. What is the cheapest Disney World Package?
    https://www.WDWPackages.com -we invite you to compare our prices to the competition, we always offer the best package deal because we have access to ticket prices that no one else does! This is not marketing trick or gimmick, just the rock bottom prices!

    2. What is the easiest way to book a Disney World Package?
    Call 888-WDW-CHEAP and select option 3 or use our online packaging system.

    3. What if I only want to buy Disney tickets (no package)?
    We can offer you Discount Orlando Area Tickets but they will not be as cheap as these same tickets are in our online packaging system. 

    4. What is the best time of the year to visit Disney World?
    Read our guide on the best (and worst) times to visit Disney World.

    5. I'm a Disney World newbie and I'm lost!
    Call us! We can help and it's pressure free. 888-WDW-CHEAP 

    6. I'm from the UK or Canada, don't we get special pricing?
    Yes, but you'll have to call us for that pricing which is only available via a travel agent. 888-WDW-CHEAP

    7. I've heard about "free dining" at Disney World, where do I book that?
    Yep, this sometimes happens but once again this is a package that needs to be booked through a travel agent. Take this word of caution about the free dining, it's not always as good as you might think. Free Dining is sometimes offered but the guest will pay retail (rack rate) for the room and tickets so is it really worth it? Please read our article about Disney's Dining Plan

    8. Will you marry me?
    Ah shucks, I'm flattered but I'm already happily married however, we do plan some spectacular honeymoons at Disney World! Give us a call, you know the number right?

    9. Can I afford a Disney World vacation package?
    Yes, our packages engine has rooms starting at $29 per night and our tickets are the cheapest you will find anywhere.

    10. Can I just build my own Disney World package?

    Yes, you sure can but you can not take advantage of our special ticket pricing without buying a package.