FastPass+ (plus) service | Disney World

  • You can use the Site/App to make FastPass+ arrival window selections in advance for select park attractions and entertainment as well as pre-order meals at certain quick-service restaurants. Valid theme park admission required and other restrictions apply.
    • With Disney FastPass+ service, you will have the ability to get some of their favorite experiences in reserved in advance before even home, giving you more time to explore and discover the magic at Walt Disney World theme parks and resorts while you are on vacation. Here some highlights of the system which is currently in testing phases.

      • Select three FastPass+ experiences at one park each day, with more than 60FastPass+ experiences to choose from.
      • Increasing from 28 FASTPASS attractions to more than 60 FastPass+experiences. And it's not just attractions FastPass+ experiences include parade and nighttime spectacular viewing areas, shows and character meet and greets.
      • The technology behind the FastPass+selection process will move you more logically through the parks instead of criss crossing the parks.
      • The new system also makes your morning easier becuase now you don't have to get to the park at opening to get the passess you want.
      • Use My Disney Experience mobile app, to get new fastpasses or change your current selections.
      • Get FastPasses far in advance form the comfort of home.
    • Once available, Disney FastPass+ service allows you to select an arrival window to experience certain park attractions, character meet and greets, and quick-service restaurants, and to arrange a viewing location for certain entertainment such as fireworks, parades and shows.
    • Availability of a FastPass+ experience, the number of experiences you may select and arrival windows are limited and vary based on factors such as the theme park you are visiting, the attraction or entertainment experience, the time of year and the day of the week, and prior demand. In addition, the number of days for which you can hold FastPass+ selections at any given time is limited.
    • Each confirmed FastPass+ attraction, entertainment or restaurant selection is valid for (1) guest admission to the entrance of the designated FastPass+ location on the date and during the arrival window confirmed by the Site/App.
    • The operating hours of all attractions, entertainment and restaurant locations are subject to closures and change without notice.
    • You may make FastPass+ selections for yourself, your Managed Friends, and your Connected Friends.
    • Your Connected Friends may also make FastPass+ selections for you or modify the selections you've made without notification to you. You can view the selections and modifications made by Connected Friends for you when you log in to your account and view your itinerary.
    • FastPass+ selections made for you by a Friend will count toward the number of FastPass+ selections you may make and hold.
    • A confirmed FastPass+ selection is not valid for admission to any theme or water park and valid park admission is required to make a selection and redeem a FastPass+ selection. To make a FastPass+ selection for you or your Friends, you must retrieve a Resort package reservation including valid park admission through your account or associate valid park admission to your account.
    • Each FastPass+ selection will designate an arrival window for an attraction, restaurant location or entertainment experience. The FastPass+ selection is not valid before or after the designated arrival window or at any other FastPass+ location.
    • You may make FastPass+ selections for one park per day. You may only select and redeem a FastPass+ selection for a particular attraction, entertainment or restaurant experience once per day.
    • When you initially make FastPass+ selections for a particular park, you will select a FastPass+ experience set and if your plans change, you may modify the entire FastPass+ experience set until the first FastPass+ experience is redeemed or the first unredeemed experience expires. You may modify an unredeemed individual FastPass+ experience any time prior to the end the day.
    • All FastPass+ selections, whether arranged by you or a Connected Friend, expire at the end of the day for which they were confirmed. Unused and expired selections count toward the FastPass+ experience limit for the day.
    • Magic Your Way ticket holders may make FastPass+ selections beginning 60 days prior to day of use. The selection window may vary for other admission tickets or passholders.
    • Ticket holders holding passes or tickets with block-out dates may not make FastPass+ selections for any block-out date without the purchase of separate valid park admission and assigning that admission entitlement to your account.
    • We reserve the right to re-assign or re-schedule a FastPass+ selection due to an unplanned attraction or entertainment down time or change in operating hours.

    Newly added additions to the FastPass service:


    Starting on Monday, April 28, 2014, all Walt Disney World Resort Guests will be able to make additional FastPass+ selections at in-park kiosks after they have redeemed their original (up to three) selections.

    • Guests will be able to make one additional selection at a time, based on availability. After they redeem that additional selection, they can go to a FastPass+ kiosk to make another selection, and so on. (The additional FastPass+ selections must be made at a kiosk only.)
    • Guests will be able to make their additional selection(s) for an experience at which they already redeemed a FastPass+ selection earlier that day.
    • Guests with valid park-hopping privileges will be able to make their additional selection(s) at another park. Those selections must be made at a kiosk in the park where the desired experience is located.