The Price is Right..or is it? | Disney World

  • Disney World Vintage TicketThe price is $97. No, it’s $105.

    You want a one-day ticket. Or a two-day ticket.

    You want a single park ticket. Or a multi-day one?

    Or is it a flex ticket you really want?

    Sorry, this all gets confusing.

    All you really know is you want the cheapest price ticket.

    Theme park tickets have gotten to be like airline prices. They vary.

    No two people seem to pay the same amount to get into the park.

    The reason you know this is you looked at the Internet.

    You may have seen almost one million (no kidding) sites that promised money saving tickets.

    Do you REALLY want to READ though all those claims?

    Some of these offers say you will save $5 a ticket, or even much more. And is it REALLY worth it to spend a lot of your time to find how you might save a few dollars?

    We will come back to that later.


    Remember that it could take you hours to figure all this out.

    Many hours because there are lots of words to read. Thousands and thousands of words.

    Do you really have time to read something like the Russian novel “War and Peace?” It has 560,000 words and runs 1,456 pages (according to Amazon).

    Keep in mind also that park tickets are often the most expensive item on a vacation outside of airline tickets. But also remember that they, admission tickets, are not the only way to save money, either.

    But at the same time, you don’t want to overpay. You want the best price to enjoy a theme park, don’t you?

    So to keep this as easy and simple as possible, you might want to read 315 words before buying (yes, we counted).

    First a few words (43) of disclaimer:

    Sure, you can make this a more complicated deal. And things do depend on how many people with you, their ages, when you visit, and many other individual factors.

    But here’s what you really need to know, at its simplest and most basic.

    Vintage Magic Kingdom TicketNo. 1: First, we assume you know better than to buy tickets at the park. Aside from special deals that involve other factors such as meals, etc., these are high end. Highest priced. Very few people, or should we say very few price-conscious people, pay full price.

    No. 2: Sorry to remind you but there are lots of cheats out there. How do you know someone is trying to cheat you? The simplest way is if it is a price that is too good to be true, it’s a fake. You will be cheated.

    No. 3: You need to decide what kind of ticket you want based in large part on how long you plan to stay at one park or another. There are many options, but you will have to decide this on your own or with the help of others in your group.

    No. 4: once you decide No. 3, hunt around for discounts. Veterans get them. So do AAA members. You are almost certain to find one that you may not even know about.

    No. 5: Buy your tickets now for any future visit. There are several reasons for this, in addition to giving you time to plan your trip. As you may have read, the news is always about higher priced tickets. At last count, SeaWorld single-day ticket prices were $97 at the gate. But Disney and Universal topped $100. A day at Universal was $102 before taxes. Disney was $105 for the Magic Kingdom, and $97 for its other three parks. Hardly anyone pays these prices but guess what? They will keep going up. They may already have gone up.

    No. 6: Buying your tickets in advance lets you make ride reservations in advance with a FastPass at Disney. These save you lots of time spent waiting around. Which is yet another reason they are a bargain no matter what you pay for them.

    Is that really all there is to ticketing?

    No. Of course not.

    If you really want to study the subject, you will certainly save even more money. But you also might want to consider whether it’s really worth all that time and effort.

    You might also want to consider that buying a ticket is not the only way to save some money. There are many others for you to consider.

    And you can read about a lot of them right here.

    Just want the best deal on tickets? Click here!