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    How can you avoid large crowds and make your Disney vacation a bit more relaxed? Follow these useful guidelines to do just that, and more! Not only will staying away from the following dates avoid large crowds, long wait lines, and busy attractions, but will also help save you money with lower room prices!


    Specific Times of the Year to Avoid Disney World


    • February: President’s Week

    In 2013, president’s week will be from 2/16-2/23. This holiday usually results in a school holiday, which in many cases, according to recent statistics, results in almost triple the average amount of attendance at theme parks across the United States including Disney World.


    • Mid-March to Mid-April: Spring Break

    Yes we all know how hectic spring break can become, especially being a school break. This is definitely in the top 5 of times to avoid Disney!


    • April: Easter Weekend

    According to recent statistics, many Disney theme parks nearly doubled their regular attendance rates during this holiday celebrated by thousands of Americans each year.


    • May: Memorial-Day Weekend (Last Monday of May)

    To honor those who have died during their time in the military, many Americans spend this long weekend with their families, so watch out for those heavy crowds bound to roll into Disney during this time!


    • Early June Through Late-August: Summer Vacation

    Again, this time is a school holiday which will skyrocket the attendance numbers. If possible, this is without a doubt the time to avoid.


    • July 3rd and 4th

    With Disney’s extraordinary July 3rd and 4th fireworks, park attendance typically soars. Be sure to avoid this time of celebration.


    • November: Thanksgiving Break

    As you may have already noticed, many, if not all, of these times to avoid are centered around one thing: school. Thanksgiving break is yet another one of those critical times to avoid at all costs. To be safe, plan on avoiding 3 days before, and 3 days after, Thanksgiving which takes place on the fourth Thursday of November.


    • December 24-January 2: Christmas and New Years

    Ending our list at #1 of the times to avoid Disney are the days falling between December 24th and January 2nd. These days are not only within a school break, but also contain two major holidays of which both Disney celebrates as well with parties such as Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!  

    When is the Best Time to Plan a Disney Vacation?


    There are three major times that would be best to plan a Disney vacation, especially if you are planning to stay for a relatively long period of time. For the examples listed below, I will use a 7-day Disney vacation span as an example.


    • January and Early February: January 20-28th

    Right after New Years, Disney attendance drops to a relatively low level, which makes this the perfect time for a vacation. The weather is also nice, considering the Florida climate, and these days avoid events such as Martin Luther King weekend and Marathon weekend.  


    • September 7-15th

    After school goes back into session after summer break, attendance drops again. This is the perfect time for a Disney vacation as long as you can stand the heat!


    • December 1st-8th

    After Thanksgiving, but before Christmas is another great time to avoid the usual crowds. Along with low attendance, you also get to enjoy the festive atmosphere that accompanies Disney during this holiday season!


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