A Ton of Bricks, LegoLand Hotel | LegoLand Florida

  • LegoLand Florida HotelYou might think staying overnight at a theme park hotel offers the similar ease of access of staying at an airport hotel.

    Right, but also wrong, of course.

    While airport-near hotels offer the same type of close proximity to what you really want (ease of airline boarding, at the airport, or quick access to theme park rides), there are huge differences.

    Theme park hotels don’t leave your preferences to chance, as airport hotels might.

    Theme park hotels offer all kinds of added goodies that go well beyond free breakfasts.

    Of course, they cost more as well.

    But there’s no shortage of theme park-goers willing to pay the price.

    All of this brings us to LEGOLAND’S entry into the “real destination” category. They did this by opening their first theme park hotel, the LegoLand Florida Hotel.

    Predictably, it is geared to kids.

    So do you want to stay there?

    Prices start at $229 a night. But that price can go way, way up. Themed suites can cost $1,195 a night,

    For purposes of comparison, Legoland’s location near Winter Haven (or about 40 miles and a leisurely one-hour drive from Disney), has far cheaper hotels. A quick check found some at prices of just $59 at this time of year.

    When it comes to where to spend the night, Disney is the champ. It has 25 hotels of its own hotels. Prices range from “moderate” to luxury. Universal only has four choices, generally expensive.

    Does Legoland Compare to Disney?

    But theme park people are very aware of how hotel stays help the bottom line. The simplest reason is that the longer you stay, the more you will spend.

    But the perks offered at both Disney and Universal are somewhat similar: free transportation, extended hours to see the parks, skipping lines, and others.

    So whether or not you want to stay at LEGOLAND’S new hotel depends on your own budget and preference.

    But to help you decide, here are major questions and answers:

    Question: What’s special about this new LegoLand hotel?

    Answer: You should be a fan. The 152-room LegoLand Florida hotel is made up of bricks, two million of them. The lobby is also home to a castle play area complete with a pirate ship surrounded by a moat filled with Lego bricks. There are also more than 2,000 Lego models to explore throughout the hotel.

    • Q: What else is there and where is it located?
    • A: Legoland's Model Shop, where many of the park's elaborate pieces are created, has moved from a backstage area into the hotel. The hotel location is just outside the gates, so it’s as convenient as possible.

    Specially for Kids

    • Q: What’s special for kids?
    • A: Interactive features throughout the Hotel, play areas, themed rooms, themed elevators, separate bunk-bed sleeping area with own TV and buffet restaurant.

    • Q: Are pets allowed in the Hotel?
    • A: No. Only service animals are permitted. The Concierge can suggest local pet accommodations for all other pets.

    • Q: What are the special perks offered hotel guests?
    • A: Glad you finally asked. For everyday overnight guests: Early admission, a full buffet breakfast, “exclusive” Master Model Builder Sessions, a treasure hunt in every room, nightly LEGO building competitions, nightly entertainment, and a heated pool of course.

    Priority Park Access among Perks

    • Q: Special perks?
    • A: This is where it gets great if you can afford it: The “Ultimate VIP Experience” has ho-hum valet parking, but also predicted “Priority access” to rides and attractions, a personal VIP Host to escort you around the park for the entire day, gift bags, lunch and refreshments, turndown service with the added perk of a bed-time story, a private check in area, meals, complimentary souvenir photos, and more.,

    • Q: How many people can a room accommodate?
    • A: Standard and Fully Themed Rooms sleep up to 5 - 2 adults and 3 children, VIP Suites sleep up to 6 people.

    • Q: Are there any special offers for Annual Pass Members?
    • A: LEGOLAND Florida Pass Members receive 10% off bookings with a valid Membership ID card. Restrictions may apply.

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