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  • American Q - Maple Bacon Manhattan If there is one secret to the overall success of Disney, it has to be showmanship. And that extends not only to theme park rides and other entertainment, but also to food offerings. A perfect example: American Q and its new expanded menu.

    The showmanship is already there in its buffet offerings from (of all places) a 1951 cherry-red-colored Ford FI pickup truck. The kids who dine here are also measured by a somewhat unusual standard: their height compared to a chicken.

    Now offering “swine pig” on the surface does not sound appetizing. But both meat-lovers and vegetarians find food here to their taste. And new offerings at the modern barbeque concept at the B Resort & Spa make it even more on everyone’s menu. These include:

    New Food Appeals to All Tastes

    ---Meatless Mondays. The flatbed buffet (on that cheery, cherry-colored red Ford truck) offers vegetarian style food such as tofu chili and Mac ‘n Cheese. The meatless buffet is a discounted price of $19.95.

    ---Prime Rib Tuesdays. For meat-lovers eating from the Flatbed Truck buffet. Smoked prime rib at no additional charge ($34.95 for adults and $10 for children). The spread includes unlimited table visits from the Brazilian steak house-style carvers who offer a parade of proteins such as smoked turkey drumstick with mahogany glaze and bacon wrapped boneless chicken thighs.

    ---“Swine & Spirits.” That is what the B Resort calls its Wednesday buffet offering, which includes a whole roasted pig. Described as a “Tangerine and Whiskey-Brined Suckling Pig” in addition to the regular 20+ offerings. A free “spirited” drink is also available.

    Located inside B Resort & Spa at 1905 Hotel Plaza Boulevard in Lake Buena Vista, American Q is described as a modern take on classic barbecue. Many local items are made from scratch.

    The restaurant is open daily from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Dinner is served from 5-10 p.m. The bar has a daily “Happy Hour” with drinks half off from 4-7 p.m.

    The American Q Restaurant is within walking distance of Downtown Disney located in the the 394-room B Resort, just five miles from Walt Disney World. The hotel targets not only families but also business travelers (the Orange County Convention Center is just 10 minutes away).

    The “Flatbed” buffet also has its own touches of showmanship. The bar menu, for example, offers “Swine Candy,” which is smoked bacon roasted with spices served in a glass jar.

    And about those kid meals: the $10 price is good for anyone less than “seven chicken’s tall,” or (in case you don’t measure things that way) about 4 feet, 7 inches.


    For more information, visit or call 954-389-1919. ###