Climbing Orlando's Mt. Kilimanjaro | Other Orlando

  • Florida PostcardYou probably already know it but, no, you can’t climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Orlando. There are no real mountains in flat Central Florida. But adventure? It’s also here (if you want it).

    And at a much more modest price, it should be added.

    Climbing the famous Kilimanjaro is costly (, $2750 and up) in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but adventure in Orlando is far less pricy.

    The word “adventure” in travel is not used modestly in Central Florida, however. You don’t have to go far to find Universal’s aptly named “Islands of Adventure.” It alone has 25 “amazing rides,” as the theme park puts it. The cost there is only the price of admission.

    But for those who want more personalized adventure at modest cost, consider:

    --Skydiving (, $129) here to reach 120 miles an hour is easy to find. Cost: as little as $129, according to a quick check.

    ---More down to earth: ziplining (, $69 for eight routes) trips (two hours, 30 minutes), for $80.

    ---Sort of more down-to-earth: horseback riding (, $30 an hour) in the wilds somewhere: $70 for one hour.

    ---A hot air balloon ride (, $195 and up) is more your style? A one-hour flight can be yours for $225.

    ---If you don’t mind the noise, a helicopter (, $20 and up) will take you up in the air at less cost: say $45 for some tours.

    ---You can also swim with eight-foot-long sharks at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Shark Reef (, $58 adults),  learn how to hang glide, drive a race car at 150 miles an hour, or try indoor sky diving (guaranteed no problem if your chute does not open).

    The reasons for this are obvious. Add the area’s continuing effort to offer all a visitor wants to do with year-round sunny weather, and you get instant adventure.

    It may sound like exaggeration, but it’s probably true as one travel provider puts it: “There's almost no adventure you can't have in Orlando.”

    Of course, there’s even more down to earth trips at even less cost.

    There’s canoeing down the wildlife-rich Withlacoochee River (where depending on the time of the year, you might see, $15 for two hours). Or kayacking at Blue Springs and Snake Creek (, $39 for a full day) to view 50 different species of birds.

    Then, for the even less adventurous, you can join a group as a non-active member. There are various adventure groups such as You won’t be alone there. It has something like 4,850 members in 65 countries and 1,793 cities (including Orlando).

    The advantages here is that unlike Kilimanjaro, you don’t have to worry about whether the trip includes oxygen or private toilets, both of which are generally desirable options for that type of trip. ###