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  • So what exactly does Fun Spot America have to offer, you may ask? Well if you are into thrills and heart pounding rides, this park has both a steel and a wooden roller coaster to choose from. On the wooden roller coaster, White Lightening, Orlando's only Wooden Roller Coaster, you will crawl to 2,000 feet then quickly drop into twists and turns at all angles. The steel coaster is a suspended roller coaster, so your feet are left to dangle as you speed through the tracks at G-force and reach heights of up to 1,200 feet in the air. Fun Spot America also has a Sky Coaster. The Sky Coaster, which combines the experience of skydiving and hang gliding, is probably Fun Spot's most popular attraction. You'll want to hang on tight as you are hoisted 250 feet into the air by a single cable, then dropped like a pendulum through the sky-high arch. The thrill of the sky coaster is truly like to other.

    If you prefer to get your thrills with two feet planted firmly on the ground, then not to worry, there is plenty for you to do as well. There are over five Go-Kart tracks to choose from, so whether you are kid just looking to experience the thrill of driving, or an adult looking for a speedy and challenging course, you'll find a track you’ll be sure to enjoy. There are also many fun arcade games that can keep you busy all day long as you work towards earning some pretty awesome prizes.

    When spending the day at an amusement park, stomachs are bound to rumble at some point. Well, with a full menu and a snack menu, Fun Spot America has you covered. From sodas and water, to pizza, to homemade burgers, they offer something for every pallet. There are plenty of snack stands plus a full service cafeteria, so you can choose to either eat on the go, or enjoy a seated meal. Plus for the thirsty adults in your group, ice cold beer is served as well.

    As any parent knows, a family day at an amusement park can turn into an expensive trip. Well, the best part about all of the fun and excitement at Fun Spot America is that it is offered at a fraction of the cost of other amusement parks in the Orlando area. Prices as June 2013 - For $39.95 anyone 54 inches or taller can get a ticket for a day of unlimited rides. An unlimited day pass for the little ones in your family, those shorter than 54 inches, can be purchased for $29.95. If you are considering making Fun Spot America a regular destination for a day of fun, annual passes only cost $119.95 per person. In less than three trips, the annual pass will pay for itself. From time-to-time the park will also offer tickets on discount through special online promotions, such as huge ticket discounts on certain days if you arrive before noon. Check their web site regularly to learn more about these discounts. WAIT, want a geniune discount? We got you covered! Maple Leaf Tickets has discount Fun Spot Unlimited tickets.

    If you are planning on bringing a large group or throwing a birthday party, consider purchasing a Fun Spot Package. For birthday parties, you can purchase a package that costs $30 per person, for unlimited rides. Call a park Group Specialist to learn more about all their birthday party packages have to offer. Also, if you are interested in scheduling a trip for your church group, day care, school group, or non-profit organization, then the early-bird package would be a great option. Tickets for this package run only $20 per person when your group arrives before 2pm.

    When visiting the Orlando area, a day at Fun Spot America should definitely be on your to-do list. With heart-stopping roller coasters, a sky coaster, go-karts, arcade games, and tasty food, all at a fraction of the cost of other Orlando amusement parks, it's an ideal way for the family to spend a fun day together, without breaking the bank.

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