It's Pie Time! 2013 Great American Pie Festival | Other Orlando

  • Maybe in your kitchen, or the kitchen next door people are perfecting their favorite pie recipes. You practice and practice hoping that extra dash of cinnamon or nutmeg will give your pie the edge needed to make that difference. You are putting that twist on your Grandmother's pie or trying out new recipes.

    Great American Pie Festival

    This year in Celebration, FL which is almost in Disney World, the Great American Pie Contest will be held on April 26th and April 27th. This wonderful event is sponsored by Crisco and is a free festival to the public. The APC which is America's organization dedicated to pie will be taking entries for National Pie Championships. There will be a new category for the amateur bakers to compete in this year. It is sponsored by Comstock, the makers of Comstock Wilderness pie fillings.The bakers will have their choice of strawberry, peach, blueberry, cherry, to apple. The Comstock Creation Station is the place where children and adults can make their own pie. There will be chef hat decorating, pie art, pie decorating and much more. Also new this year is a Bake Learning Center led by pastry chefs and other professionals that will share tips on pie making and special instructions for making that special pie.

    On the APC website are the entry forms for each division. The entry fee for non members is $35.00 with the entrant receiving a Emile Henry pie dish and for the APC amateur members the entry fee is $15.00. Membership information is online.

    If you would like to be a judge at the pie festival just apply. The only qualification is that you love pie, you don't have to have previous experience. Just tell them why you want to be a judge, there are no right or wrong answers. Last year there were more than 800 pies for the 195 judges to try. Along with judges, there are hundreds of volunteer jobs that are needed to make this big festival work.

    There are so many different activities at this festival and all of them involve pie and sponsored by Private Selection, of course there is a pie eating contest. There will be bouncy houses and crafts for the children at a price of $10.00. Sweet offerings will be offered by Bakers Square Restaurants and Pies, Cabot Cheese, Publix Ice Cream, Dunkin Donuts, Smuckers Toppings, Wick's Pies, Winn Dixie, Village Inn, Kroger's Private Selection and these are just to name a few.

    But the best is to come. The main Attraction to the whole pie celebration will be the never ending pie buffet. Although the festival is free, the pie buffet will cost you a small fee but will be well worth it. Children under 5 are free, $5 for seniors, and $10 for adults. It features beverages, cheeses, toppings, ice cream and of course award winning pies, so don't eat before you go. Last year there were over 90,000 slices of pie and more expected this year.

    So no matter what kind of pie your favorite is, it really doesn't matter. When it comes to this festival you will be covered no matter what your choice is. So if you are close to Disney World at the end of April make sure you go to the pie festival. I have a feeling it will be very memorable.

    Picttures from the 2013 Pie Festival: 

    2013 Pie Festival-1841.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1861.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1869.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1848.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1875.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1853.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1866.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1871.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1850.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1852.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1858.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1880.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1831.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1844.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1837.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1864.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1842.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1835.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1863.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1857.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1849.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1846.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1867.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1856.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1854.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1843.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1828.jpg2013 Pie Festival-1851.jpg