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  • Twin Peaks is a chain of about forty restaurants located in 18 states across the country, with seven more in the development stage, designed to open in the near future. The Orlando location is the first Twin Peaks restaurant to be opened in the state of Florida.

    Covering more than 9,000 square feet, it is strategically located, sitting directly across from under development I-Drive Live theme park. One of the most notable features of the park is it will have the world’s largest Ferris wheel constructed there. The Twin Peaks restaurant has acquired itself a name as memorable as its location – Twin Peaks I-Drive. The actual address is 8350 International Drive.

    The local economy benefited when the company hired 140 new employees to staff the restaurant, 80 who were selected as Twin Peaks Girls. These women are the signature stamp of the Twin Peaks quest for quality and hospitality, almost equaling the combination of the beer and the food.

    A statue of an elk greets you in the parking lot as part of the emphasis of Twin Peaks thematic mountain sports lodge setting. The building is designed with natural stone walls and columns.

    Walking into the restaurant, you enter onto a wooden floor where the furniture is thematically mountain styled. There are comfortably padded and roomy wooden chairs at the tables, which account for most of the seating. By the bar and windows are wooden bar stools with similar cushioning for sitting by the large windows that offer up a scenic view. Booths are available. Dotting the ceiling are chandeliers, once again strategically placed, as they do not obstruct the view of the big screen televisions.

    Twin Peaks is promoted as a man-cave setting, with those big screen TVs programmed to a procession of sports channels, and those friendly Twin Peaks Girls. The man-cave perception is enhanced by a selection of quality draft beer and a food menu that has many of its most popular main courses cooked from scratch. The Orlando restaurant has been equipped with 65 big screen TVs suspended from the rafters to visually feed its visitors as they sit at the bar or eat a meal at a table. Included in this big screen group were several 80-inch screens. Like the location of the restaurant itself, the TVs are strategically placed around the restaurant to encourage sports fans to enjoy one of many available views.

    Two words come to mind when looking over the Twin Peaks selection of appetizers main courses, and sandwiches - comfort food. Twin Peaks originated in Texas, and in the tradition of Texas flair and quality, the menu offers all-American courses like their slow-roasted Ribeye Pot Roast and house breaded Chicken Fried Steak. They also have created their own specialties to suggest to the adventurous - the Hangover Burger and BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos.

    If you want to explore their menu beyond these public relation offerings, you will find Mexican style options such as Chipotle Queso and Chips and Blackened Chicken Quesadillas on the appetizer list, what are called “Teasers” on the menu. For less classic alternatives to the main course, Twin Peaks has a “Smokin’ Hot Dishes” list which includes a Green Chili Meatloaf and a Spicy Chipotle Chicken to challenge your palette.

    You are going to need something to wash all this comfort food down with. Add to the tab one (or two) of the 32 varieties of draft beer stored at a frosty 29 degrees from two full service bars, and Twin Peaks justifies its self-promotion as a man-cave. Senior Director of Marketing for Twin Peaks says, “Twin Peaks is the perfect hot spot to watch every game and enjoy an ice cold beer.” That ice cold beer, a Twin Peaks trademark, is served in a very large mug. If you opt out of having a beer, you can order a variety of mixed drinks or soda.

    Outside the restaurant there is a patio corralled in by wooden fence posts for outdoor eating with umbrella covered tables for those sunny Orlando days. But do not expect cushioned chairs here; they are good old fashioned wooden seats. There is also counter style eating available outside, right near the patio.

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