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    9 years 6 months ago #33558 by miranda
    Haha, that was pretty cool what that cast member did in Frontierland!! Although they were correct, nothing is free in Disney.

    Although there was this one time that we were staying at the Grand Floridian, and they upgraded us to concierge!!

    We got free snacks the whole stay, it was pretty awesome!! Our luck!! :)

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    9 years 6 months ago #33604 by disneydreamin
    It is rather sad that Disney Resorts and Disney Travel Company does not know that you are a repeat guest (either one visit or 100 visits). That is part of the reason Disney created the Authorized Disney Vacation Planner (Earmark)program, because Disney knew they were not able to take care of guests better than travel agents. We get to know guests on a more personal basis and take much better care of you, for one visit or 100 visits. We know you are returning and offer you extra perks and discounts in appreciation of your business! That is why 90% of the Disney business comes from Authorized Disney Vacation Planners. We take better care of you and recognize that you return!

    Allison Jones - Disney World Specialist
    Destinations in Florida Travel - Official Travel Agency for Explore the Magic

    Special Discount Prices and Free Perks for Explore the Magic Guests - Call us at 888-WDW-CHEAP option 1 for Details!

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    9 years 6 months ago #33612 by rgjarrell
    People.... People....

    Nothing is FREE. It's just cost shifted.

    Disney is attended by people using their own money to get there. They want the lowest price possible at the time of booking.

    The reason that hotel chains have rewards programs is because business travelers don't pay for their own stays, but they get to keep the points. It's like a way of embezzling and a kickback to get business travelers to select Marriot or stay loyal to one airline, etc... But prices are inflated upwards because of this. Ever noticed that Marriot Courtyard seems like a ridiculously high rate compared to other local choices? It's because business travelers like accumulating points there, and the company is paying so they don't care. That's one reason why discount airlines have somewhat lower fares. They're not kicking as much back into their point programs. And that's another reason why a room on hotwire or through certain travel agent promotions can be cheaper. The stay is not points eligible.

    I'm glad Disney doesn't operate a points or rewards system. It would then be cheating most people out of a few extra dollars just to shift to people who go way more times than the average person during the course of a year.

    So bottom line, points systems and loyalty systems are meant to attract business from people who don't care if what they pay (or their company pays) is higher right "now" in exchange for some points and the ability to get something "free" they can use on personal time.

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    9 years 5 months ago #33615 by Michael
    The original poster has not been around in while... lets get them/her back LOL... she has been busy with new things (I think).

    Direct from WDW!

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    9 years 5 months ago #33616 by goodguy23
    Wait , wait, wait...not so quick everyone. On the cruise, if you are a repeater (Castaway Club Member) you get a nice beach bag full of goodies and a trip log book. And as DVC we have received a variety of gifts such as personalized tote bags, fruit baskets, candy baskets, etc.

    Eric E. Wilson
    DVC since 2005. Saratoga 2005, BLT 2009, Grand Californian 2010.

    Next trip, February 18, 2011. Key West, Cozumal, Grand Cayman, Castaway ...here we come!!! :)

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    9 years 5 months ago #33623 by rgjarrell
    That's a good example of free gifts.

    I didn't mean to turn anyone off, but I think that rewards programs are just an institutional kickback scheme. Especially the way most business travelers make decisions. It's not that I have a big problem with that.

    Unfortunately I think most people love stuff for "free" even though they're really paying for it one way or another. The problem becomes that once the scheme for "free" stuff is set up, the consumer or receiver of "free" stuff has no choice to opt out of the "free" stuff and not be charged the extra markup to cover the cost of the rewards or free stuff program.

    At least in the case of hotel reservations, there are discount situations like hotwire, but those come with more restrictions than just "no points" awarded.

    We all love our "free" stuff, but we are all paying for it somehow anyway.

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