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    11 years 2 weeks ago #28960 by brojack17
    my daughters really got into pin trading during our 2007 trip and Cindy and I traded pins at Disneyland last year. We knew our nephews wanted planned to go to WDW this year so we got them starter sets for Christmas. Well, I checked ebay for Disney pins and found many people who sell them by the lot. I purchased 125 pins for $178 (and free shipping) from the user unique_world ( shop.ebay.com/merchant/unique_world_W0QQ...mrsZ1QQ_fromZQQ_mdoZ ). This person had 100% positive feedback and looked legitimate. I e-mailed back and forth with this person (who is in Hong Kong) and he assured me he would send me Daisy pins for my second to oldest because Daisy is so hard to find.

    I got the pins today. He sent five of every style and ten each of the Daisy. This will give every person in our grand gathering 10 pins plus give me extras to give out as the kids deserve (taking initiative to help out, etc.)

    Since my bad Pal Mickey ebay experience, I have been leery of buying this kind of stuff on ebay. This person was really nice and sent the pins super fast.

    This is a good way to get a bunch of pins cheap for trading

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    11 years 2 weeks ago #28963 by conwayjohn71
    We do this every Disney trip

    I will get 10 to 15 pins per kid on ebay, usally comes to about $1.85 per pin, does not matter which ones we get as 99% will be traded on our trip

    I do not let the kids trade the ones they already traded for on previous trips, I only do this so you can look back at each trip and see where the kids minds are, in 2007 my youngest DD traded for all of the youg mickey pins, the ones with the fab 5 as babys I guess

    Just remember on ebay always look at the feed back and make sure the seller says they have the disney stamp on the back

    Under 120 days, still waiting on June dates to be released so oldest DD can plan our meals, she is driving me crazy, get ready ya'll, once she gets dates ya'll are going to see a lot of post from her


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    9 years 7 months ago #33554 by Skrimshaw
    May I just give my input: Most of the bulk pin sets that are sold on ebay are couterfiet. Also, if cast members pick out it is a counterfiet they do not have to trade but I don't think that has ever happened. I just get upset when i find that pin I have searched months for, bring it home and find it to be a fake. May I make the recommendation please, instead of fueling the idustry of fake pins, go to the Premier Outlets just a 5 minute drive from Downtown Disney, They always have clearance items. The clearance pins range from $1-$3 on average.

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