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    14 years 2 months ago #4736 by dcsend
    hi. i'm going to take my family to disney for the first, and probably last time (due to $$) in april. in reading all about planning our trip, etc. i read about this pin trading gig. my kids already collect pins whenever we go somewhere (which isn't often [V]) in any event, i need to be educated about these disney pins. i saw a bunch on ebay. the suggestion was to buy a "lot" of them so my kids could trade w/a CM. My question is, where do we find these CM's to trade with (are they only in specific souvenier stores)? will CM's trade ANY pin? And how do i know that i'm not getting ripped off if i buy from ebay. is there a "symbol" on the pin to say it's authentic? i noticed some have the mickey ears on the bottom right, some don't. can someone help? i'm not looking for a rare one, just to have something my kids can trade...THANKS

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    14 years 2 months ago #4737 by peanut_bunny_2
    I don't know about how to authenticate the pins on e-bay, but as far as trading with the cast members it goes like this. As you walk threw the parks you will see that most all of the cast members are wearing lanyards or pin holders. All your children has to do is walk up to one and ask to see their pins. If there is one on there the kids want they tell the CM that they want to trade their pin for one of the CM's pins. The CM must then trade with the person. Some will even give you a hint as to where and what pins are out there that are harder to find. Some to look for are the ones that are given to cast members only or retired ones. Hope it helps. You will have lots of fun while on the hunt for that special pin.

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    13 years 7 months ago #7621 by llchart
    Ebay is actually a great place to get the pins, just type "Disney Pin Lot".... You will want to look for a price of about $3/pin.

    Although ANY Disney Copyrighted Pin is acceptable for trading (even the DVD ones).

    Purchase/Trade pins that are not Sedesma brand. As they are tradeable, but are cheap and the backs break off easiely and therefore untradable. My son traded for one of these pins and by the end of the day it was broken and he was down by one pin. You can easily tell these pins as they look cheap compared to the others.

    www.DisneyOutlet.com is a great place to get pins as well. Also the Character Warehouse in the Prime 1 Outlet center will typically have old stock for $3-5/ each compared to $7-12 at the parks.

    If you purchase a "lot" of pins that are the same... Do not put them all at once on your lanyard. Just place one on the there, then trade it. Add a new one to trade. And so forth until done.

    We've found 8 pins is the perfect number for the kids... Enough to trade, and enough to keep a favorite.

    Kids can trade with any cast memeber... The best people trade with I've found are the ones in mainly kids areas... Fantasyland, at the entrance, at the kiosks through out the park, guest services, and the "cleaning crew". They seem to either do more trading or not much at all. I haven't figured it out, but my kids have always found these locations to have a special prize. The cleaning crew people have actually been the most friendly, multiple trades and will typically offer a few tips about the day at the park.

    What ever you do, please always have your children use good manners. Our kids had it down to a science within a few days...

    "May I see your selection of pins, please."
    "I would like to trade ____ for ____, please."
    or "Thank you, I do not wish to trade at this time."
    Always make sure the kids say "Thank You."

    Our kids learned very quickly that their good manners, not only let them trade, but they periodically received stickers, coloring books, candy and other "free" items showing their good manners... One time we were pulled forward at the monorail to ride with the driver.... I was so surprised when cast members would tell me that they appreciated their manners and I would be surprised by so many children that would practically rip the pin right off their lanyard, never even asking. So practice with your children prior to going. It does make a difference.

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    13 years 7 months ago #7652 by joybell
    I loooove the good manners stuff! Llchart you are so right about that. I asked several CM's about pin trading, and they said they are required to trade ANY kind of Disney Pin with children as long as they are not plastic. We bought a bunch of Star Wars Pins at Wal Mart and Books A Million for $1.00! They were nice pins, not the ones with the mouse ears but were originally $5-$7! My kids had a blast! They really think it was such a "deal" they made. We did only put one of a kind on their lanyard (my son put them on his hat) didn't want a lanyard. WalMart had Winnie the Pooh and gang too! Look for the sales, your kids will have a blast! The package the Star Wars pins has a website, www.pinusa.com . You can see all the pins I got at WalMart for $1!!!!

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    13 years 7 months ago #7738 by disneydiva55
    well the best way to conserve money (( which i see you want to )) buy a landyard with pins already on it, so you can trade them off and you will have 6 different pins

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    13 years 7 months ago #7776 by JLKennedy
    Where do you buy a "pre-assembled" pin necklace? I think my 7 year old would enjoy trading.

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