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    12 years 11 months ago #12748 by SleepinCatz
    [:D]ok, here's the plans so far:

    We arrive on the 9th...room only, so if it is early enough we will be heading to DTD to shop and maybe eat. If not then we will crawl to our rooms and grab some zzzz's.

    10th get up and eat at Pop, head to the MK for the Grand Opening( never actually seen the festivities at opening lol. We will actually deviate from our normal routine this once since we are meeting a very dear friend who is a CM. This time we will head straight to the Tea Cups. After Meeting and riding with friend we will head to the Haunted Mansion, followed by the POTC. Afte that we will ratlle around until time to find a spot to watch the parade close to Liberty Tree. @ 4pm we will go to our Ressie for said Tavern and dine happily until our friend can get off work and proceed to run around with him for a little bit.

    11th we will be Breakfasting at Pop where we will have a mini meet with some dear friends who happen to be crossing over our trip this time :). We will rattle around for a bit and it looks like we will catch up with Michael for wishes at MK that night :) But I have your number and we can get everything set in stone :)

    13th we have ressies at Chef Mickey's for breakfast @ 7:40am
    rattle around for a bit not sure where lol...Later that day my Mom and I have Tea for 2 at Gardenveiw @ Grand Floridian @ 3:20 ( my DH, Dad and Ds will fend for themselves lol)

    14th we spemd @ Epcot. Le Cellier for lunch at 12:10pm
    then I'm supposed to meet up with another friend around 3:30ish..not sure if she is comming or not yet :)
    The at 6:40pm we head off to Cape May Cafe for dinner.

    We leave on the 17th late afternoon( want to use all of our dinning plan lol).

    As ya'll can see we have alot of not sure what or where's, but We are happy with what we have :)


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    12 years 11 months ago #12754 by JLKennedy
    Enjoy! I loved the French Quarter, although I did make a concession to my husband that we will not return this year (his decision)....so his concession for next years vacation, is that we stay anywhere I want...looking like it's between the Wilderness Lodge (concierge level) or Grand Floridian (no frills standard room). After all, I just did my taxes and thanks to Uncle Sam, have a good portion towards it already...actually come to think about it, most of it (excluding air) would be paid...

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