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  • Hate Standing in line for rental cars?

    11 years 5 months ago #27022 by Phlydude
    If anyone is interested in signing up for National Car Rental's "EMERALD CLUB", please let me know and I can get you in without a fee.

    If you don't know what "Emerald Club" is:
    Emerald Club is a frequent renter program offered by National Car Rental that allows you to set up an account pre-set with your information (Driver's License info, Cred Card info, etc) and bypass the counter in many cities in the US and Canada. Even in those cities where you can't bypass the counter, you still have dedicated Emerald Club lines (think airline 1st class lines at the airport).

    You wouldn't believe how much time this saves! We usually go pick up the bags from the belt and take them right over to the rental car garage in Orlando. We then take our pick of any car in the row of the class we reserved, load it up, go to the exit booth, hand them my Emerald Card, my Credit Card and my Driver's license. About 30 seconds later, I am off.

    Very quick and painless. Plus, some of the discounts they give are pretty decent too!

    PM me with your real name and email address if you want to sign up

    phlydude [;)] (aka Dennis)
    "I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse" Walter Elias Disney

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