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    Tapping into the desire of Americans to take longer vacations, the Walt Disney World Resort has re-engineered its ticket lineup to offer increasing savings for vacationers eager to spend more time in the theme parks. The Magic Your Way Tickets line launched in 2005, and features significant vacation value and increased savings with each day you add

    The Magic Your Way product centers around the Magic Your Way Base Ticket, a ticket offering admission to any one of the four Walt Disney World theme parks for each day of the pass and available in 1- to 10-day increments. The per-day cost of the pass is reduced with each day that's added.

    A roster of options can be added to the Magic Your Way Base Ticket - like park hopping or water park visits - enabling you to select, and pay for, only the features they want. These new options and increased flexibility allow travel counselors to better design vacations that meet your specific needs and budget

    Park Hopper Option

    The Park Hopper is an optional feature for Walt Disney World Passes.  The Park Hopper Option allows you  to come and go as you please through all four Walt Disney World theme parks on the same day for each day of their pass. This option can be added to the entire length of a Magic Your Way Base Ticket. 

    Water Park &More (A.K.A. Magic Plus Pack) Option

    The Magic Plus Pack Option is a great recommendation for those looking to experience Disney fun beyond the theme parks. This option can be added to the Magic Your Way Base Ticket to provide admission to water parks and other popular fun spots like DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park and Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex (some events require separate admission). This ticket option also adds entry to the 2 Disney World water parks, Disney's Blizzard Beach and Disney's Typhoon Lagoon.  

    No Expiration Option (no longer offered as of 04/2015)

    Because the Magic Your Way Tickets expire 14 days after first use, some may be interested in adding the No Expiration Option, a feature that allows unused days and Plus visits to be used at a later time, or on a future visit. 

    Florida Resident Tickets

    People who reside in the Sunshine State have several options to choose from and various deals that are offered throughout the year. Residency will be verified. 

    Where to purchase your tickets

    You have many choices on where to purchase your Disney World tickets but lets start with a word of caution, never ever purchase used tickets at shady ticket businesses. The practice is fair to common and usually leads to major disruptions in your valuable vacation time. The potential savings are appealing to many but just imagine the down side. Here is what could happen: you buy your tickets from a shady ticket vendor who explains how to cheat the bio-metrics scan system, you then drive all the way to one of the parks, then get refused entry, then trek back to the car, then back to the shop (many of these shady shops close early to avoid returns) and then you have to argue to get your money back which won't happen, they will simply give you another set of tickets to try. Don't BUY USED TICKETS!

    OK, so what are your options for legit Disney World tickets?

    1. Buy them directly at the gate at retail prices (not suggested).

    2. Buy your Disney World Tickets from MapleLeafTickets.com who has been trusted for over 30 years and is our recommended broker.

    3. Purchase your tickets in our online package booking system at a significant discount.

    What are Magic Bands or RF enabled Disney Tickets?