Disney Dollars | Disney World

  • New Disney Dollars featuring our favorite Disney Villains and Heroes will be released January 1, 2013 with new designs.

    The new bills will be available in a $1 denomination and can be purchased at the following locations:
    Walt Disney World Theme Parks: Guest Relations
    Downtown Disney Area: Guest Relations
    Walt Disney World Resort Hotels: Front Desk and Concierge

    October 2, 1987 Disney Dollars, which first came in one and five dollar bills, debut as the "official currency" of the WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort.  Disney Dollars are released in ten dollar bills, featuring Minnie Mouse, on November 20, 1989.

    When the individually serialized Disney Dollars debuted in May 1987, Mickey Mouse appeared on the $1 bill and Goofy on the $5 bill. A $10 bill featuring Minnie Mouse was added in November 1989.

    TIP! - Buy your Disney Dollars with a credit card at a Disney Store or on Disney World property... why?  For me it was a benefit because of cash back rewards on purchases (not cash withdraws) and when you purchase Disney Dollars the statement comes back as merchandise!

    Can Disney Dollars be purchased in uncut sheets?
    No -- Disney Dollars can not be purchased in uncut sheets.

    Can Disney Dollars be returned for cash?
    Only at participating locations. Please call the location where you purchased the Disney Dollars to find out if this service is available.

    Do Disney Dollars expire?
    No -- Disney Dollars do not expire.

    Do Participant locations accept Disney Dollars?
    Most participant locations accept Disney Dollars.

    How many Disney Dollars am I permitted to purchase at one time?
    In person at a Merchandise Location:
    This is determined by the supply at the location where the Guest is making the purchase.
    Through Mail Order Merchandise:
     If paying by check, a Guest may obtain $650 in Disney Dollars
     If paying by credit card, a Guest may obtain $50 in Disney Dollars
    Both methods require a $10 express shipping fee so that order may be tracked.

    May a Guest obtain a receipt from a Disney Dollar purchase?
    No -- because this is an even exchange, not a transaction. A Guest may request a signed note verifying that an exchange was made.

    What Disney Dollar denominations are available?
    Denominations available include:

    For the Happiest Celebration on Earth, a $50 denomination was made available featuring Mickey Mouse.
    Where may I use Disney Dollars?
    Disney Dollars are accepted throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Disney's Vero Beach Resort, Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort and the Disney Stores.

    Which characters appear on the faces of Disney Dollars?
    While the characters and faces of the bills change continually, currently the denominations run as follows:
     $1 - Cinderella
     $5 - Goofy
     $10 - Minnie
     $50 - Mickey

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