Disney Vacation Club (buying and selling DVC points) | Disney World

  • What's the best kept secret at WDW?  The tag line always makes me laugh because it's everywhere!  You can't find a spot even close to Disney that doesn't mention something about the Disney Vacation Club a.k.a. DVC. They have it all over the buses, kiosks everywhere, signs, flyers, TV, radio, print and I think I even saw an ad for DVC during Steamboat Willy!

    So what's the deal with this Disney Vacation Club? Well, here's the skinny, it's a time share! But in all fairness it is a good value, a good investment and what all time shares should be like. The DVC also differs in how you purchase the time because what you are actually buying are points and your ownership ends 01/31/2042 unless your "home" resort is Saratoga Springs then your ownership will end 01/31/2054. The whole system is a little confusing and many people have gotten burned buying points on EBay or elsewhere. There is plenty of room to get scammed if you decide to save money by purchasing or renting someone else's points but you are secure using a licensed brokers affiliated with a well-known company like Sellmytimesharenow.com.

    Because you could save a lot of money on your Disney Vacations by purchasing someone else's pints or by becoming a DVC owner!

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