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  • US Mail:

    Compliments, Complaints, and Suggestions
    Walt Disney World Guest Communications
    P.O. Box 10000
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-1000

    Walt Disney World Central Reservations
    P.O. Box 10100
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0100

    Walt Disney World Info/Guest Letters/Letters to Mickey Mouse
    P.O. Box 10040
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040

    Walt Disney World Educational Programs
    P.O. Box 10000
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-1000

    Walt Disney World Ticket Mail Order
    P.O. Box 10140
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0140

    Merchandise Mail Order (Guest Service Mail Order)
    P.O. Box 10070
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0070
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Request Autographed Pictures (Characters or Executives!)
    Maybe you would want an autographed picture of Michael Eisner, Robert Iger, or one of your other executives?

    The Walt Disney Company
    Attn: Fan Mail Dept.
    500 South Buena Vista Street
    Burbank, CA 91521

    E Mail:

    Send Email to Disney World here:The generic email form- Don't hold your breath for a response though! I have never received a response from Disney via this for to date.

    Update - 4/08/02 
    Finally and actual response from Disney!  The reply to email address was: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Update - 8/18/2004
    The This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address is now defunct or dead... I guess they want everyone to go through the form... if I find another email address I will post is here.

    Update - 4/25/2006
    A friendly user by the name of Heidi has told us that This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.worked for her.


    Phone Directory:

    Disney World Vanity/Phrase or Easy to remember numbers

    407-W-DISNEY Main Disney World information, reservations etc...
    407-WDW-DINE Dining Reservations (*88 from any phone on property!)
    407-WDW-CNCL Beginning 10/31/2013 all table service restaurants require a credit card and you be billed $10 if you do not cancel at least 1 day in advance, this is the easiest way to cancel.
    407-WDW-STYLE Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Etc...
    407-WDW-FEST Same as the DINE number
    407-WDW-RIDE Transportation information (buses, monorails etc.)
    407-WDW-TOUR Specialty tours likes the Wishes Cruise
    407-WDW-BASS Disney World Fishing
    Disney World Golfing
    Disney World birthday party planning.
    Downtown Disney and Nightlife events
    General Disney World information
    Sports and Recreation
    Specialty Cruises



    Information-Walt Disney World


    Airport-Orlando International 407-825-2352
    Barber & Beauty Shops-Contemporary 407-824-3411
    Barber & Beauty Shops-Dolphin 407-934-4250
    Barber & Beauty Shops-Grand Floridian 407-824-3000
    Barber & Beauty Shops-Yacht & Beach Club 407-934-3260
    Car Care Center 407-824-4813
    Car Racing Ticket Information 800-822-4639
    Catalog-The Disney 800-237-5751
    Children’s Activities-Camp Dolphin 407-934-4241
    Children’s Activities-Camp Swan 407-934-1620
    Children’s Activities-Hilton Youth Hotel 407-827-4000
    Children’s Activities-Buena Vista Palace-Kid’s Stuff 800-327-2906
    Children’s Activities-Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers Discovery Isle Kidventure 407-824-3784
    Children’s Activities-Cub’s Den, Wilderness Lodge 407-824-1083
    Children’s Activities-KinderCare, In-Room and In-Park Sitting 407-827-5444
    Children’s Activities-Mouseketeer Clubhouses 407-934-6290
    Children’s Activities-Mouseketeer Clubhouses, Contemporary 407-824-3038
    Children’s Activities-Mouseketeer Clubhouses, Grand Floridian 407-824-2985
    Children’s Activities-Neverland Club, Polynesian (ext. 2170) 407-824-2000
    Children’s Activities-Sandcastle Club, Yacht & Beach Club 407-934-6290
    Conventions-Doll & Teddy Bear Convention, Disneyana Conv. 407-827-7600
    Convention and Visitors Bureau-Orlando/Orange County 407-363-5871
    Credit Card-The Disney 800-222-1262
    Cruise Lines-Carnival Cruise 800-327-9501
    Cruise Lines-Premier 800-726-5678
    Dining Reservations-(407-WDW-DINE) 407-939-3463
    Dining Reservations-Annual Passholder 407-560-7277
    Dining Reservations-Same Day-Other Guests 407-824-2858
    Dining Reservations-Disney’s Dining Experience 407-828-5792
    Dining Reservations-Arthur’s 27-Buena Vista Palace 407-827-3450
    Dining Reservations-Dolphin Restaurants 407-934-4025
    Dining Reservations-Fireworks Factory 407-934-8989
    Dining Reservations-Mardi Gras Jazz Brunch at the PI Jazz Co. 407-828-5636
    Dining Reservations-Swan Restaurants (ext. 2181) 407-934-3000
    Dining Reservations-Palio’s at the Swan 407-934-1609
    Dining Reservations-Private 407-824-2474
    Dining Reservations-Victoria & Albert’s-Dinner with the chef 407-824-1089
    Dinner Show-Grosvenor-Murder Watch Mystery Dinner Theatre 800-624-4109
    Excursions-The Breathless, Yacht Club Marina 407-934-3256
    Excursions-Fireworks Cruise, Contemporary Marina 407-824-1000
    Excursions-Fireworks Cruise, Polynesian 407-824-2000
    Excursions-Starlight Cruise, Grand Floridian 407-824-2439
    Florist-WDW 407-827-3505
    Florist-Gooding’s 407-827-1206
    Group Reservations-Disney Leisure Group(Groups of 10 or more) 800-327-2989
    Health Clubs-Body by Jake, the Dolphin 407-934-4264
    Health Clubs-Hilton Health Club 407-827-4000
    Health Clubs-Olympiad Health Club, the Contemporary 407-824-3410
    Health Clubs-Ship Shape Health Club, the Yacht & Beach Clubs 407-934-3256
    Health Clubs-Slappy Joe’s Massage Room, Old Key West Resort 407-827-1677
    Health Clubs-Sports & Fitness Center, Disney Institute 407-827-1100
    Health Clubs-St. John’s Health Club, the Grand Floridian 407-824-2433
    Health Clubs-Swan Health Club 407-934-1360
    Health Clubs-The Spa at the Buena Vista Palace 407-827-2727
    Information-Annual Passholder 407-560-PASS
    Information-Blizzard Beach 407-560-3400
    Information-Discovery Island 407-824-2875
    Information-Disney's Hollywood Studios Production Info 407-560-7299
    Information-Foreign Language Center 407-824-7900
    Information-Hearing-Impaired 407-827-5141
    Information-Learning Seminars 407-560-6150
    Information-River Country 407-824-2760
    Information-Sports Events 407-939-7810
    Information-Telecommunications Devices (TDDS) for the Deaf 407-827-4141
    Information-Time & Weather 407-646-3131
    Information-Disney Weather 407-824-4104
    Information-Typhoon Lagoon 407-560-4141
    Information-Wine-The "Grapeline" at the California Grill 407-824-1576
    Jobs at Walt Disney World 407-828-1000
    Kennels-Information 407-824-6568
    Kennels-Fort Wilderness Kennel (overnight) 407-824-2735
    Lost & Found 407-824-4245
    Mail Order-WDW (phone purchase of items at WDW shops) 877-560-6477
    Marketplace, Disney Village 407-828-3800
    Medical-Buena Vista Walk-In Med On SR 535 407-239-7777
    Medical-Dental-Emergency Dental Referral 407-648-9234
    Medical-Gooding’s Pharmacy 407-827-1207
    Medical-HouseMed Health Services 407-396-1195
    Medical-MediClinic Just East of I-4 on 192 407-396-1195
    Medical-Sand Lake Hospital 407-358-5500
    Medical-Turner Pharmacy in Walk-In Med 407-828-8125
    Parties-Birthday Celebration at the Magic Kingdom 407-354-1851
    Parties-Planet Hollywood Private Party 407-828-2048
    Parties-Pleasure Island Private Party 407-827-7836
    Passports-Annual Passports 407-827-7200
    Passports-Florida Resident’s Seasonal Passport 407-827-7200
    Pleasure Island 407-934-6374
    Recreation-Bike-Tour "D" Fun Bike Trip 407-939-7810
    Recreation-Bikes, Canoes, Fishing Equip, Electric Carts-Ft Wilderness 407-824-2742
    Recreation-Boating 407-824-2621
    Recreation-Fishing Trips-Bay Lake 407-824-2621
    Recreation-Fishing Trips-Marketplace 407-828-2461
    Recreation-Fishing Trips-the Yacht & Beach Club 407-934-3256
    Recreation-Fishing Trips-Dixie Landings 407-934-5409
    Recreation-Fishing, Florida Freshwater License & Regulations 407-422-6995
    Recreation-Fishing, Florida Saltwater, Marine Patrol 407-383-2740
    Recreation-Golf-Classic Club Pro-Am 407-824-2255
    Recreation-Golf-Golf Studio, Advanced Tee Times, Lessons 407-824-2270
    Recreation-Golf-Bonnet Creek Pro Shop, Osprey Ridge & Eagle Pines 407-824-2675
    Recreation-Golf-Lake Buena Vista Pro Shop 407-828-3741
    Recreation-Golf-Palm & Magnolia Pro Shop, Oak Trail 407-824-2288
    Recreation-Golf-Oldsmobile Scramble Championship 800-582-1908
    Recreation-Golf-Private Tournaments-Tournament Coordinator 407-824-2275
    Recreation-Golf-Season Badge 407-824-2729
    Recreation-Golf-Spectator Tickets-WDW Classic 407-824-2250
    Recreation-Hayrides-Fort Wilderness 407-824-2900
    Recreation-Horseback Riding 407-824-2832
    Recreation-Marathon, Walt Disney World 407-939-7810
    Recreation-Parasailing 407-824-3586
    Recreation-Tennis-Contemporary & Lesson 407-824-3578
    Recreation-Tennis-Disney Institute 407-827-1100
    Recreation-Tennis-Grand Floridian 407-824-2433
    Recreation-Tennis-Swan & Dolphin 407-934-4396
    Recreation-Tennis-Other 407-934-7639
    Recreation-Waterskiing 407-824-2621
    Religious Information-Christian Service Center 407-425-2523
    Religious Information-Mary, Queen of the Universe Catholic Church 407-239-6600
    Religious Information-Temple Ohalei Rivka-Jewish Conservative 407-239-5444
    Religious Information-Jama Masijid-Muslim Services 407-238-2700
    Resort-Switchboard to all Walt Disney World Resorts 407-824-2222
    Resort-Grand Floridian 407-824-3000
    Resort-Animal Kingdom Lodge 407-938-8000
    Resort-Polynesian 407-824-2000
    Resort-Contemporary 407-824-1000
    Resort-Wilderness Lodge 407-824-3200
    Resort-Ft Wilderness 407-824-2900
    Resort-Villas at Disney Institute 407-827-1100
    Resort-Boardwalk Inn/Villas 407-939-5100
    Resort-Yacht Club 407-934-7000
    Resort-Beach Club 407-934-8000
    Resort-Caribbean Beach 407-934-3400
    Resort-Port Orleans French Quarter 407-934-5000
    Resort-Port Orleans Riverside 407-934-6000
    Resort-Coronado Springs 407-939-1000
    All Star Sports 407-939-5000
    All Star Music 407-939-6000
    All Star Movies 407-939-7000
    Resort-Old Key West 407-827-7700
    Resort-Shades of Green 407-824-3400
    Resort-WDW Swan 407-934-3000
    Resort-WDW Dolphin 407-934-4000
    Resort-Online Check In Help 407-828-7128
    Restaurants-Bonnet Creek Golf Club 407-824-2419
    Restaurants-Contemporary-California Grill 407-824-1576
    Restaurants-Caribbean Beach-Captain’s Tavern 407-934-2700
    Restaurants-Caribbean Beach-Old Port Royale 407-934-2700
    Restaurants-Disney's Hollywood Studios-The Hollywood Brown Derby 407-560-5376
    Restaurants-Dixie Landings-Boatwright’s Dining Hall 407-934-5822
    Restaurants-Dixie Landings-Colonel’s Cotton Mill 407-934-5822
    Restaurants-Epcot-Chefs de France 407-827-5699
    Restaurants-Epcot-L’Originale Alfredo di Roma 407-827-8417
    Restaurants-Epcot-Nine Dragons Restaurant 407-827-5678
    Restaurants-Epcot-Restaurant Marrakesh 407-827-5330
    Restaurants-Epcot-Rose & Crown Dining 407-560-3657
    Restaurants-San Angel Inn Restaurante 407-827-8040
    Restaurants-Epcot-Tempura Kiku 407-827-8520
    Restaurants-Epcot-Teppanyaki Dining Room 407-827-8520
    Restaurants-Grand Floridian-1900 Park Fare 407-824-2978
    Restaurants-Grand Floridian-Narcoossee’s 407-824-2978
    Restaurants-Magic Kingdom-Diamond Horseshoe Jamboree 407-824-7780
    Restaurants-Magic Kingdom-King Stefan’s Banquet Hall 407-824-6653
    Restaurants-Magic Kingdom-Liberty Tree Tavern 407-824-6461
    Restaurants-Magic Kingdom-The Crystal Palace 407-824-6517
    Restaurants-Magic Kingdom-Tony’s Town Square Restaurant 407-824-6793
    Restaurants-Pleasure Island-Fireworks Factory 407-934-8989
    Restaurants-Pleasure Island-Portobello Yacht Club 407-934-8888
    Restaurants-Polynesian-Captain Cook’s Snack & Ice Cream Co, 407-824-1381
    Restaurants-Polynesian-Coral Isle Cafe 407-824-1381
    Restaurants-Polynesian-Mickey’s Tropical Luau 407-824-1593
    Restaurants-Polynesian-Polynesian Luau 407-824-1593
    Restaurants-Polynesian-Tangaroa Terrace 407-824-2097
    Restaurants-Village Marketplace-Fulton’s Crab House 407-934-2628
    Restaurants-Wilderness Lodge-Artist Point 407-824-2293
    Restaurants-Wilderness Lodge-Roaring Forks Snacks and Arcade 407-824-2293
    Restaurants-Wilderness Lodge-Whispering Canyon Cafe 407-824-2293
    Restaurants-Yacht & Beach Club-Ariel’s 407-934-1214
    Restaurants-Yacht & Beach Club-Beaches & Cream Soda Shop 407-934-1214
    Restaurants-Yacht & Beach Club-Cape May Cafe 407-934-1214
    Restaurants-Yacht & Beach Club-Yacht Club Galley 407-934-1214
    Restaurants-Yacht & Beach Club-Yachtsman Steakhouse 407-934-1214
    Honeymoon Packages 407-824-7200
    Tour Guides-Eventures Unlimited, Inc. 800-356-7891
    Tour Guides-Suncoast Destination Management 800-827-0028
    Tours-Backstage Magic, Theme Park Tours, Dolphin Exploration 407-WDW-TOUR
    Tours-Hidden Treasures, Gardens of the World 407-939-8687
    Tours-Backstage Horticultural Tour 407-939-2223
    Tours-Sight Impaired-Special Activities 407-560-6233
    Transportation-Florida Town Cars 800-525-7246
    Transportation-Mears 800-759-5219
    Transportation-Taxi Services at WDW 407-699-9999
    Transportation-Town Car Limousine 407-299-8696
    Wedding Packages-Fairy Tale Weddings-Walt Disney World 407-828-3400
    Wonders of Walt Disney World Educational Programs 407-354-1855