✩ Ft. Wilderness Golf Cart Rental / Electric Cart Rental

  • Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground offers electric-powered golf carts for use within the Resort and Campground. Golf carts feature windshields and headlights for night driving.

    Unreserved carts may be available for rental on a first-come, first-served basis. Carts are available for pick-up at 1pm and must be returned by 11am on the return date. Ages 18+ can rent with valid drivers license, 16 with valid drivers license to drive.

    Per Day $57.51 (with tax)
    Per Week $402.57 (with tax)

    Sounds expensive right!? There are cheaper options but first lets discuss if an electric vehicle is even needed. Disney's Ft. Wilderness is huge and even though there is an internal bus route you will find that walking almost anywhere is a long walk. You could of course bring your bikes but there are some obvious advantages to having a electric vehicle for getting around Ft. Wilderness. I've stayed at Ft. Wilderness and can say without a doubt that we well always rent a cart even if that means shorting our trip by one day just to afford it plus my kids riding the golf cart so it was like an attraction in itself.

    Did I mention you don't have to pay Disney rates to rent a golf cart Disney's Ft. Wilderness? There are a few outside vendors that will deliver a golf cart to you for about $250 per week. I often say this is one addon that is almost nesscary. I couldn't imagine staying at this resort without one.

    Here is what some of our forum users have said:

    rgjarrel: "Transportation with the bicycles was great and meant almost more convenience than a golf cart because you get closer to stuff. I even rode my bike the short distance to the comfort station. Also the bikes meant everyone had their own transportation, and when we split up we still all had transportation on bicycle back from the magic kingdom. If we had 1 golf cart, then the people arriving back later would have had to take the bus."

    bina9: "Well, golf carts come in handy when you stay at the campground! If your site or cabin is far from the boats, you don't really want to walk. So golf carts are good for that. And also for going to eat dinner at the Hoop De Doo Revue or something. Or going to the trader's post to pick up some snacks for you and the kids. You dont want to have to carry that, you could just put it on the golf cart. Or, you could use it going to one of the pools. Or if you need to go to the check in place. So I would highly reccomend getting a golf cart while you are there. Evven though it costs extra, its a nice convenient thing to have! "

    mommyofseven (the resident Ft. Wilderness expert): "i believe golf cart rental is $47 per day i know you get a discount if you rent it for a week - call now and reserve - if it's a busy time they won't have any left!

    yes, they have golf cart parking at the pools, by the boat launch, pony area, petting zoo, trading posts, eerywhere.

    you have a parking spot right in front of your cabin - make a note you can't park it anywhere else except in the main parking lot - you can take it to the trading post but there is a strict 10 min parking policy and there aren't many spots. so if you want to take the boat launch and don't want to walk forever you need the cart. ps: the plug to charge the cart is by the car parking spot so keep that in mind when parking."