Rent an RV / Travel Trailer / Camper at Ft. Wilderness | Disney World

  • Here are just some of the reasons you might want consider renting an RV to "camp" at Disney's Ft. Wilderness. I use the term "camp" lightly because some of the units available for rent are luxury condos on wheels.

    Everything that follows is estimations!

    • Extended vacation at Disney World? Could you imagine how expensive a suite at any of the Disney Deluxe Villa resorts would be... lets just say a family 5, 21 days at roughly $500 per night. I quoted a 21 day package recently and it came out to $12,488 with taxes for a 2 bedroom suite!

      Using an RV as your resort you could be down to as little as $150 per night.
    • On a budget? You have a kitchen and your resort costs are comparatively speaking, much lower.
    • You just like camping! Well, sort of, you can not have an open camp fire (click here for approved fire pits) which for me is a big high-lite of camping but you are still technically camping even if you are not sleeping on the ground.
    • Bring the whole family... this is your only option if you want to bring your pets to Disney World. There are a limited number of pet friendly sites so you'll want to book your site early. We can book your entire package by calling 888-WDW-CHEAP option 3 that includes the campsite, trailer rental, golf cart and tickets.
    • FREE Internet is now included for Ft. Wilderness Guests.
    • Big family? Again, a suite is expensive and many RV's sleep 8+.
    • Golf Carts at Dinsey's Ft. Wilderness are fun. OK, this one is silly but I have to admit, my kids love using a Golf cart to get around. Typically you can rent a golf cart for around $250-$350 more per week but are not required. has packages that include golf carts!
    • I could probably come up more reasons and camping at Disney World might not be your cup of tea but have you really ever considered it? Fort Wilderness is not your average campground.

    Things to bring!

    Couple of things I thought I should mention being that this might be the first time for some of you on a campsite:

    • Bring fishing polls, maybe we should plan a fishing meet on Monday? The fish seem to really like hot dogs. I guess they have a taste for it.
    • Bring towels (none are provided in the trailer other than paper towels)
    • Water shoes for the comfort station showers, yes, the trailers have showers but the comfort stations are way better and just in case you are worried, those stations are very nice, very clean, and very private.
    • Sunscreen yes, the bug spray in my experience has never been needed but bring some anyway.
    • Bring food, the stores are wicked expensive on even the simplest of items. You will pay at least double, some items have a 400% mark up (that shouldn't surprise anyone LOL)
    • Don't forget beer/wine/soda/water (in that order!)
    • Cooler for drinks and quarters for ice. Of course you have refrigerator however, what's better than icy cold drink on a warm summer day?
    • Toiletries again, not provided other than toilet paper.
    • Games, books yada yada
    The biggest question you have by now is who to rent an RV from. That's easy, we highly recommend Moore Camper Rentals! Complete Ft. Wilderness packages that include everything you see here in this video:

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