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  • The big question for those that fly to the Orlando area for their Disney World Vacation, what's this "Magical Express all about? Well, I'm not a fan and prefer to call it Tragical Express, let me explain why.

    Typical situation, you have been preparing for weeks and its "go time!" You are all ready, the alarm goes off at 5 am because you have a 9 am flight, you rush to get to the airport, wait in line for security, wait at check in, wait to get on the plane, wait to take off, wait for your snacks, talk about Disney the whole flight, fly over Disney (in most cases), wait to land (sometimes for over 30 minutes just circling!) then finally you are on the ground, now you have to wait for the 100+ people in front of you to get their way oversized bags out of the over head but it's okay because you have finally arrived, let the vacation begin! Nope, sorry, now you have to wait for a bus to fill up (they aren't going waste fuel on a half empty bus right?), wait for them to load baggage, take the long drive (well, it seems long) before you finally get to Disney World where you all cram over top of each other to see the pearly gates that say "Disney World" and now.... you guessed it, more waiting, the buses can make up to 4 stops before arriving at your resort and each stop is painfully long (or so it will seem). I think I have painted a picture far too many have experienced but hey, it's worth it right? You just saved yourself about $100 but for those that have been through I ask is it really worth the savings? Really?

    Okay, so what's the alternative you ask, that's easy! Call us and we will arrange for a car service. We get exclusive rates, even last minute. Call 888-WDW-CHEAP or 877-789-3688 (tell them ETM sent you for a discount).

    They meet you at baggage claim, they help with your bags, they know the quickest most direct routes (alt routes if need be), they give you free phone call, a free grocery stop and do all of this in 1/4 of the time it takes Tragical Express!  

    Florida Magical Tours and Transportation offers luxury "transportation to Disney World" at extremely affordable rates from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Sanford International Airport (SFB). Other destinations include Universal Studios,

    Port Canaveral, and all other major attractions in Central Florida.

    . Airport Meet and greet service
    . Luggage assistance
    . Free 30-min grocery stop
    . Booster and car seats available free of charge
    . No need to wait in lines or anyone else. Get straight to your destination and let the fun begin!

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    Frequently Asked Disney's Magical Express Questions

    Disney's Magical Express Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Disney’s Magical Express luggage tags included in my guest's final documents? What do the luggage tags look like?
    Disney’s Magical Express luggage tags are not included with the final documents; they are located inside the Airport Transportation Booklet, which is mailed separately. The luggage tags feature a yellow background and a barcode that is unique to each tag. They are completely separate from the luggage tags included in Walt Disney Travel Company packages, or luggage tags attached by the airlines to indicate the arrival destination.

    When will a Travel Agency receive their guest's Airport Transportation Booklet with luggage tags?
    Approximately 45 days prior to a Guest’s arrival, the Travel Agency will receive an Airport Transportation Booklet with the Guest’s name included, which the agency must deliver to their Guest. The booklet will contain general information and luggage tags that must be attached to the luggage prior to leaving home. Special delivery arrangements will be made for bookings made within 10 days of arrival.

    Guest's Airport Transportation Booklet and luggage tags have not arrived. Can someone tell me if their Disney’s Magical Express documents have been mailed?
    If for some reason your client does not receive their booklet prior to departure, please be assured that they will still receive the full benefit of Disney’s Magical Express service. Proceed to the main terminal building at Orlando International Airport upon arrival.

    I received my Airport Transportation Booklet, and the return flight information is not included. Does this mean I can’t use Disney’s Magical Express for the return to the airport?
    Guests will still be able to use the service for their return. Advise the Disney's Magical Express representative of your return flight information when you check-in at the Disney Welcome Center upon arrival at the Orlando International Airport.

    What is the cost for Disney’s Magical Express?
    Disney’s Magical Express is a complimentary service offered to Walt Disney World® resort Guests.

    Do I have to fly on a participating airline in order to take advantage of Disney’s Magical Express?
    No – You can fly on any air carrier and may utilize Disney’s Magical Express. Your motorcoach pick-up time should be approximately 3 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure time for domestic flights and 4 hours prior for international flights from Orlando International Airport.  If your pick-up time is less than 3 or 4 hours prior, please call 1-866-599-0951.  If you are unsure of your flight departure time, please call your airline directly to confirm this information.

    Can I book Disney’s Magical Express upon arrival at the airport?
    No – In order to utilize Disney’s Magical Express, a reservation for the service must be booked prior to arrival.

    What are the hours of operation and location for the Disney Welcome Center?
    The Disney Welcome Center is located on Terminal side A, Level 1. The hours are 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., but those hours will be extended to meet the flights of all Guests who have booked Disney’s Magical Express, even if a flight is scheduled to arrive after 11 p.m.

    Effective, October 3, 2006, the Disney Welcome Center will move to Terminal Side B, Level 1.

    Where do I go upon arrival if I arrive on the wrong side of the airport?
    You should proceed to the A side (B side after 10/03/06) before taking the elevator or escalator down to Level 1 of the main terminal.

    Will there be signs at the airport directing me to the Disney Welcome Center?
    No – The airport will not allow Disney to post directional signs.  Cast Members will be located on Level 2 on both the A and B sides of the airport to assist with directions.

    Can I book Disney’s Magical Express while on property for my return to the airport?
    Yes – Guests should contact their Resort Front Desk for assistance.

    Can I book a “luggage-only” transfer for myself?
    No – To utilize Disney’s Magical Express, Guests must participate in both the motorcoach transportation and the luggage transfer services.

    Who do I/ contact if there is a change to my flight information?
    Before arriving to the Walt Disney World® Resort, please call the same number used to make your room reservation.  Once checked-in, you should contact their Resort Front Desk for assistance.

    What if I do not receive my Airport Transportation Booklet prior to leaving?
    Guests should proceed to the Disney Welcome Center located where you will receive all the necessary information for transportation to their resort.

    Will the motorcoaches accommodate wheelchairs?
    Yes – However, Guests need to indicate this at the time of booking.

    Will Disney’s Magical Express provide wheelchairs at the airport upon arrival?
    No – If Guests need wheelchair assistance upon arrival to Orlando International Airport, they should arrange this directly with their airline.

    Can guests traveling with a crated animal use Disney’s Magical Express?
    Service animals are permitted to travel on the motorcoach with their owner; but unfortunately, no other pets are permitted to ride on the motorcoach with Guests.  Guests wishing to travel with their pets will need to make other transportation arrangements.

    What do I do if I miss my flight into Orlando?  What happens to my luggage if it should arrive on another flight before I arrive?
    Guests are advised in their Airport Transportation Booklet to call Disney’s Magical Express Guest Services if they experience flight delays on their day of arrival.  Disney Representatives will retrieve their luggage and confirm the Guest’s arrival before transferring it to their resort.

    How is delayed luggage handled?
    Disney’s Magical Express tracks all tagged luggage.  When guests arrive at the Disney Welcome Center, they will provide the number of items checked with the airline.  This information is used to confirm that all of the luggage has been received by the airline.

    Where are the motorcoach drop-off locations when traveling back to the airport?
    There are motorcoach drop-off locations in all four quadrants of the airport (Gates 1-29, 30-59, 60-99, and 100-129).

    Are car seats allowed on the motorcoaches?
    No – Car seats are not permitted on the motorcoaches and must be stowed underneath the motorcoach.

    Do international guests have to claim their luggage?
    If the Orlando International Airport is the first point of entry into the United States, Guests will follow the U.S. Customs & Border Protection process and claim their luggage upon disembarking the airplane.  Once they have completed this process they will proceed to the Disney Welcome Center.  Their luggage will be transferred to the Baggage Claim area, where Disney will collect it if tagged with Disney’s Magical Express luggage tags.  If Guests have already completed the U.S. Customs & Border Protection process in another U.S. city or before entering the U.S., they will proceed directly to the main Terminal building; and Disney will claim their luggage.

    What is the Resort Airline Check-In Service?
    This service is offered to guests staying at select Walt Disney World® resorts departing on participating airlines from the Orlando International Airport.  This service allows guests to check their luggage and receive their airline boarding passes at their Disney Resort.  At this time, the service is only available to those guests flying domestically on select airlines.

    What airlines participate in the Resort Check-In Service?
    Alaska Airlines, American, Continental, Delta, Jetblue, Northwest Airlines and United/Ted

    How does the Resort Airline Check-In Service work?
    Guests can check-in up to 12 hours prior to their flight departure time, but no less than 3 hours prior. A valid government issued ID and Key to the World Key are required to participate and all members of the party must be present.

    Is there a cost for Resort Airline Check-In?
    For qualified Disney Resort guests, this service is complimentary.

    Which resorts offer Resort Airline Check-In?
    Resort Airline Check-In is offered at all Walt Disney World® owned and operated resorts with the exception of Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.  Resort Airline Check-in is also not available at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin or the Downtown Disney® Area resorts.

    Is the Resort Airline Check-In service operated by the Walt Disney World® Resort?
    No – A third-party company approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) operates the Resort Airline Check-In on behalf of the participating airlines.

    What are the hours of operation for Resort Airline Check-In?
    Seven days a week, 5 a.m. to 1 p.m.  If Guests cannot check-in during these operating hours, they will need to check in directly with their airline upon arrival at the Orlando International Airport.

    Do I  have to utilize Disney’s Magical Express to participate in the Resort Airline Check-In?
    No – This service is available to select Walt Disney World® resort Guests who are flying domestically on participating airlines departing from the Orlando International Airport.  You may take any transportation back to the airport they choose.

    Can a guest departing for an international destination utilize Resort Airline Check-In?
    At this time, the service is only available to guests flying domestically (including Puerto Rico).  Guests flying internationally will need to check in directly with their airline at the Orlando International Airport.

    What services can be provided to guests at the Resort Airline Check-In Desk?
    The Resort Airline Check-In desks can provide some of the same services as the airline ticket counters at the airport, including checking seat assignments, and verifying flight information and status.  The Resort Airline Check-In Desks cannot make any changes to flight arrangements or make new flight reservations.

    How does the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) contact Guests if questions arise during the luggage screening process at the airport?
    The TSA will contact the guest via the air carrier.