✩ Private Tours

  • Have you ever wonder what a historian could teach you about Disney World? Here is your chance to walk with a Disney historian and learn some of the back stories, rare insights and little known facts about Disney World. Take a walking tour (no backstage access) with a well known author and Disney historian. Ask questions, take pictures and be educated while learning some of the very cool back stories and "ah-ha" things (hint: things you have probably walked right by many times). Families, corporate events, groups or even one-on-one tours. Your teens might even be delighted by the wisdom of a genuine Disney expert. These are private tours and are in no way, shape, or form endorsed by Disney but don't let these disclosures discourage you. Many of the back stories are  obscured purposely by Disney to keep things within the Disney brand. These tours are not only cheaper than other official Disney tours (or any other tour for that matter) but they are also more intimate and fun. Tour is specifically designed for each group or family. We can work around your schedule and offer a worth while tour at just about any publicly accessible location on property. These tours are available by appointment and an honorarium (cash) is required. A typical donation is $200 for 2 hours with longer tours available. A small deposit is also required to secure the scheduled time however, last minute tours are often accepted.

    Interested? Contact us here. These are not official Disney tours, these tours are not endorsed by Disney, these tours are not sold by Disney. See: Official Disney Tours for information about official tours.

    I'm not perosnally benefiting from promoting these tours however, if you want to invite me along on your next tour I would love attend!