Strollers, scooters, ECV's rentals | ✩

  • Disney World Scooter (ECV) rentalDon't want to drag your stroller on the plane or maybe your vacation home doesn't have a BBQ. Renting this kind of equipment is not only easy, it's smart. Many companies in the Orlando area offer rentals but few do it as well as No Hassle Vacations. Offering a full line of ECV's (scooters), strollers and grills and a hassle free delivery they have become the go to people for rentals.

    Don't pay those crazy rental fees at the gate. Disney currently charges $50 per day to rent one of their scooters. For the cost of 3 days at Disney we'll give you an entire week and we'll deliver it. Renting a wheel chair or other mobility devices is easy and affordable.

    Why would you spend $31 a day to rent a double stroiller at Disney when we can offer a better, more comfortable stroller for $75 a week! 

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