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  • So you are visiting Disney World or the Orlando/Kissimmee area with a large group, maybe for a family get together or group of friends that vacation together. Whatever the case may be you have some options that you might not have considered like renting a home instead of multiple rooms at a resort. The benefits are plenty and I'm going to attempt to guide you around some of the pitfalls that are associated with a short term rental.
    Disney World Vacation Homes

    Disney World Vacation Homes

    1. How much is a vacation home compared to a resort?
    Short term vacation home rentals are priced vary reasonable at a medium rate of around $150 per night which at first might sound expensive but when you realize how much you get you might find this is cheap!  A resort on Disney property is around $80 per night and that is for 2 adults 2 kids.

    2. Where are these Disney World Vacation Homes located?
    Short answer, all other the place!  Most are within just few minutes of Disney property.  We work closely with a few owners that homes literally 5 minutes from Animal Kingdom gates.

    3. Why get a Disney World Vacation Homes over a resort?
    This really depends on the size of your group. Most vacation homes are at least 3+ bedrooms with a fold out couch and most also offer at least 1 kids room with bunk beds so for an average of $100 per night you can have a dozen people in one house and you get a full size kitchen with all the appliances and utensils you might need for cooking meals at your home thus, saving even more money. Many of these vacation homes also have private pools!

    4. What's the catch with a Disney World Vacation Homes?
    Well, you aren't exactly getting the magic 24/7 like you would at a Disney resort and there some bad homes out there as well as horrible property management company's.

    Disney World Vacation Homes

    So then how do I know I'm getting a good deal and not using one of these black hat vacation home management company's?  First, ask me (Michael, in the forums), I live in the area, I'll check out the area and the company but we also have a few suggestion.

    If you are looking to rent a vacation home in the Disney World area we recommend OrlandoVacation.com. They have been in business here in Orlando since 1993 and they offer great homes at low nightly rates. Click here to see their vacation homes near Disney or you can call them at 1-800-641-4008.  Don’t forget to tell them that Explore the Magic sent you.