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  • What's the deal with FASTPASS?

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    Talk about losing wait and having more fun: Walt Disney World studies indicate that guests using Disney's FASTPASS are experiencing approximately 25 percent more rides and attractions during their theme park visit.

    Disney's FASTPASS is a computerized system that gives guests an alternative to standard "lines" at many popular attractions in all four Walt Disney World theme parks.

    According to Disney surveys, FASTPASS "wait loss" is freeing up an average of one-and-a-half to two hours for guests who use the innovative, patented system on multiple attractions.

    Since the debut of Disney's FASTPASS in summer 1999, the revolutionary system has been expanded to include 25 attractions -- at least five in each of the four Walt Disney World theme parks. At FASTPASS attractions, guests can choose the regular wait line or put any valid theme park ticket into a special machine and receive a FASTPASS ticket denoting a one-hour window of time when they can return and enter the attraction with little or no wait.

    In 2001, Disney's FASTPASS earned a Themed Entertainment Association "Thea Award" for Breakthrough Innovation. Earlier, the Florida Engineering Society honored Disney's FASTPASS for its ingenuity and innovation by bestowing it the 2000 Governor's New Product Award.

    FASTPASS, Step-By-Step
    Disney's FASTPASS is a revolutionary guest enhancement at Walt Disney World Resort enabling guests to have an alternative to waiting in lines for many of the most-popular attractions. There is no additional charge to use the FASTPASS service. Here's how it works:

    1. Ticketed guest or annual passholder enters the park main entrance gate.

    2. Guest visits any attraction offering the FASTPASS service. Here, guest has the option of waiting in the regular standby line or choosing FASTPASS. To assist, there's a digital clock denoting regular wait time and the return time for FASTPASS.

    3. If the FASTPASS option is chosen, a guest inserts his or her theme park ticket into the FASTPASS machine. Out comes the FASTPASS denoting when to return to the attraction. Holders of FASTPASS are given a one-hour window for their return -- for example, 10:05-11:05 a.m. That means the guest cannot enter the attraction using FASTPASS before 10:05 but is free to return at any time during the designated one-hour window.

    4. Upon returning at the designated time, the guest heads straight for the FASTPASS entrance and proceeds directly to the attraction pre-show or boarding area with little or no wait.

    5. Guests are able to get several FASTPASS tickets during a day in the Disney theme parks. However, they cannot immediately obtain multiple FASTPASS tickets. How often can they get one? While the answer varies, it is printed on the guest’s current FASTPASS ticket.