Disneyland Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai – Which Park Should You Visit?

Are you a Disney lover and you want to pair a visit to Asia with a trip to one of the incredible Disney parks. But how do you make the choice?

Shanghai, Tokyo, and Hong Kong Disneyland, which is best? It would help if you weighed the advantages and disadvantages Of each to determine where you are going to head. These countries are distinct, and each has different costs. Besides, you may not have enough time to visit each country. So we figured we’d help you along and give you some answers to your questions.

What about Tokyo Disney Resort?

Tokyo Disney may be the reason you’re going to Asia in the first place. This Disney park is certainly worth the visit. Still, it might make sense to do a stopover at the Shanghai Disneyland or the Hong Kong Disneyland, but again that depends on your time and budget.

Okay, so assuming you’re not going to Asia just to see Disney, you still want to factor in other non-Disney attractions and points of interest. In this case, Japan is a gorgeous country, and there’s also a lot to do and see in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

With respect to the Tokyo Disney Resort, it is modern, innovative, and quite interesting for its similarities to Anaheim and its originality in Asian Culture. It is a well-designed park that stands out among all other Asian Disney parks. So, it’s way ahead of Shanghai and Hong Kong Disneyland.

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are out of this world gorgeous and look like a park straight out of Science Fiction.

That’s not to say that Hong Kong and Shanghai don’t have beautiful Disney parks. Both options are spectacular. But Tokyo far outweighs them, especially if you’re into science fiction and Star Wars. Even so, Shanghai and Hong Kong Disneylands are also worth seeing.

Shanghai Has Originality

The Shanghai Disneyland is very original and has a unique take on the original castle park. Almost everything in the Shanghai park is unique and distinct from the features and attractions of other Disney parks. Is it worth flying halfway across the globe? Yes. This is a park you will want to see at least once in your life.

In contrast, Hong Kong Disneyland is more traditional and built when Disney did not want to try anything really new. As a result, much of the style is that of Anaheim California, which is not that original but does give you a sort of deja vu feeling. Even though the additions made in the first ten years of operation are original, but not as unique as Shanghai.

Has that helped you decide?!

If you are visiting Asia and want to go to one of the Disney parks, you just can’t miss Tokyo Disney, but if you love Disney and want to see other options, cultures and features then Shanghai and Hong Kong are certainly parks you can’t miss either. As with everything Disney, each park has its distinct theme and look. If possible, we recommend visiting Tokyo and Shanghai and then Hong Kong

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