How have fans reacted to Disney’s ownership of the Star Wars franchise?

Disney shocked the world when they purchased the Star Wars franchise back in 2012. Long time fans of the franchise took to the internet in droves, crafting angry blog posts about how Disney was going to ruin everything! Now, nearly a decade later, the reactions from fans are still mixed.

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The first Star Wars movie hit theaters back in 1977. It’s not surprising that a franchise spanning 44 years would have fans of all ages. Fans that have grown up with Star Wars can be defensive and resistant to change. Many older fans have spoken out about Disney’s creative decisions. Disney’s choice to abandon the Extended Universe of the comics and novels also upset many long time fans.

Angry fans of the franchise that oppose Disney’s changes will probably never go away but they seem to just be a vocal minority. Most fans have been generally happy with new entries to the franchise.

A Fresh New Look

The 2015 release of The Force Awakens marked a shift in the galaxy. Disney has produced more Star Wars media in six years than George Lucas produced in 28 years. While this has definitely brought in new fans and renewed interest in an old franchise, not everyone thinks that Disney’s decisions have improved things.

Some fans applaud Disney for focusing on new stories and more diverse characters. The Mandelorian is incredibly popular among fans both new and old. While not every movie was an incredible success, reception has been positive overall.

New Fans for a New Era

With such a large franchise with so many fans it’s impossible to please everyone. There will always be fans that are unhappy with some new bit of lore or change to how the galaxy works. This is nothing new. Older fans should remember that here they found plenty to complain about even when George Lucas was still in charge. (Midichlorians, anyone?) New fans aren’t a bad thing either!

Disney has brought a burst of fresh air to a franchise that had grown stagnant. It is a new era in the galaxy and there have been growing pains. But Star Wars fans are used to the ups and downs. Most fans are excited to see where Disney might take the franchise now that the sequel trilogy has finished.

A Look Forward

Disney’s purchase of the Star Wars franchise was a good financial move on their part. As long as the franchise continues to be profitable fans can look forward to new additions to the galaxy. This alone proves that the fans are out there. The success of the TV shows, movies, video games, and even theme park attractions proves that the fans are there and they are happy with what they are seeing.

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