Traveling to Disney Without Going Broke

Disney theme parks are some of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world. But many people put off going to the parks for fear of the expense. But there are plenty of ways to save when vacationing at Disney.

Where to Stay

For Disneyland park, there are plenty of options, especially off property. In fact, the city of Anaheim seems uniquely set up to support the park. Just outside the gates, you’ll find a plethora of hotels and dining options, with many offering special rates and discounts for families going to Disney. Also, be sure to check for hotels that offer free nights for extended stays as this is a common practice. Check all the travel sites and compare prices, then call the hotels directly and see if they can offer anything better.

For Disneyworld, off-site options include hotels and also Airbnb stays. Because of the high volume of travelers to Florida and the 2nd homes down there, you can find many rentals that are relatively close to the theme park.

Keep in mind that you can also stay on property, although during peak season rooms fill up fast and are generally more expensive than staying elsewhere. You have to balance the convenience of being on the property and the perks that Disney gives their hotel guests versus the lower-cost options outside the park.

Finding Affordable Flights

Obviously avoiding peak season travel is the best way to score cheaper flights to the Disney Destination. So think about travel during January, February, and September. The more expensive flights are going to be during the summer season and peak season where the Disney parks have events. You can search for flights on any of the travel sites or apps to see when the best prices are. Another trick is to pair your travel dates up with the calendars on the Disney sites and see what events are happening. Avoiding big park festivals will reduce your travel costs unless of course, you want to attend one of the park’s offerings.

Park Ticket Options

Ticket prices are set by Disney, but that doesn’t mean you can find some affordable options. If you choose 2-day tickets, cost-savings are built-in as are adding extra days to whatever ticket type you choose. Buying a 1-day ticket probably doesn’t make much sense unless you live in the area. The Park Hopper ticket offers the most value, but not necessarily the most savings. But these tickets are immensely popular as they offer the ability to go from one park to the other anytime you choose. But the one park per day tickets offer a much more affordable option, so if you don’t want the flexibility of the Park Hopper tickets, these tickets offer the greatest savings.

Vacation Packages

If planning a Disney vacation seems daunting you can always go with a vacation package. You can find them on many of the larger travel sites where they combine flights, tickets, rental cars, etc. Or you might choose to work with an independent travel agent (Disney has agents too). They can often research and uncover great deals for travel almost any time of the year, and a travel agent with Disney experience can be beneficial to getting the most out of your Disney trip.

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